Complimentary Online Expert Series

Turbocharge Your
Nonprofit Leadership

An entrepreneurial approach to power up
your donors, boards and sponsors

  3 Powerful Webinars

October 29 Attracting and Keeping Generous Donors
November 5 Turn Your Board Members into Revenue Heroes
November 12 Sponsorship Sales in the Fast Lane

Capitalize on a fresh leadership trend emerging in the nonprofit sector. Join leaders just like you, who want to take a bolder, more courageous and profitable path to fulfill their missions. Discover result-driven breakthrough strategies to engage donors, enlighten boards and expand sponsorships.

International nonprofit thought leaders—Kathy Kingston, Karen Eber Davis and Gail Bower—take a deep dive in this complimentary three-part webinar series.

Innovative Ways to Attract & Keep Generous Donors

Monday, October 29 at 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific

An entrepreneurial approach to turbocharge fundraising and transform benefit event guests into loyal supporters

Presenter: Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS


Would it surprise you to know that your fundraising auctions, benefits and galas are THE NEW GOLDEN CATALYST to deeply engage your donors?

Kathy shares how to easily shift from the old broken, tired “friend-raiser party” to a “record breaking strategic fundraiser.” With an innovative mindset and proven methods, you can catapult revenue and engage more loyal supporters.

Kathy will take a deep dive on what is really working for her most successful clients. She’ll share her “secret sauce” on how to attract and keep loyal supporters who will be thrilled to return year after year and to bring their generous friends and colleagues.

You’ll take away how to:

  • Sell out your venue full of generous guests
  • Learn 3 hidden audience development strategies
  • Avoid the #1 problem all nonprofits face
  • Transform your bidders into loyal donors
  • Capitalize on hot fundraising trends
  • Communicate the impact of your donors’ gifts
  • Reduce labor intensity and stress
  • Double or triple your event revenue in 15 minutes
  • Jam-packed with ideas you can use immediately

Turn Your Board Members into Revenue Heroes

Monday, November 5 at 1 pm Eastern/ 10 am Pacific

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Board Leadership and Income Growth

Presenter: Karen Eber Davis

Your board is charged with ensuring that your organization obtains adequate resources, but for the Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leader, is fulfilling this obligation enough?

Karen shows you how to build a board that helps your nonprofit take prudent risks, questions the status quo, and open doors to new resources.

Are you ready for your board to help you raise more funds? Think more innovatively about resources and revenue options? Fall in love with the opportunity to serve on your board? This session looks at how to deal with resistance, educate and motivate your board members to help you turbocharge your organization.

Here’s what you’ll bring back to your desk:

  • Why you need to educate your board even when they think they have nothing to learn
  • Karen’s Magic Question for creating committed, enthusiastic members
  • The four surprising and shocking reasons why boards resist raising money
  • Dynamic practices that get boards to act
  • A half-dozen or more use-it-today ideas

Sponsorship Sales in the Fast Lane

Monday, November 12 at 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific

An entrepreneurial approach to partnering, profiting, and proliferating through stronger sponsorships

Presenter: Gail Bower

Is your sponsorship program stuck in low gear? Answer “yes” if you face low fees, low renewal rates, and, frankly, you’ve lost your mojo.

Partnering with corporations can be a powerful lever for your organization. Structured right, these relationships generate significant:

  • unrestricted dollars,
  • engagement with your audiences,
  • and new audiences for your events and initiatives.

The more you innovate, the more your sponsorship program and visibility grow.

If you’re ready to get out of low gear and onto the fast lane, join this session to learn:

  • The #1 mistake most organizations make with their sponsorship programs and why the effects are worse than you think.
  • A new way to look at your organization and love what you see.
  • Three keys to success with sponsorship.
  • Why entrepreneurial nonprofit leaders get on the fast lane faster and how you can, too
  • A half-dozen or more use-it-today ideas

Who is this complimentary webinar series for?

  • Nonprofit executive directors
  • CEOs
  • Board members

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  Meet Your Expert Panel

Gail Bower Nonprofit organizations hire Gail Bower as their revenue strategist. She works with clients to become self-sufficient by uncovering and developing reliable sources of earned revenue. Her clients have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled revenue within a year. And that’s just the first year. Trained as a futurist, Gail studies where society is headed and what trends may impact her clients’ businesses. She is the author of How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times, a frequent speaker, and media source. To learn more, visit


Karen Eber Davis For over 20 years, Karen Eber Davis has worked with leaders motivated by vision to discover pathways to revenue. She helps them raise millions every year. Her passion is helping leaders who lead from vision, not fear.  Davis is known for her innovative practicality. Karen authored 7 Nonprofit Income Streams (2014) and is writing, Let’s Make a Million Dollars Together (2019), both tools for the new entrepreneurial leaders. To learn more visit,


Kathy Kingston An award-winning thought leader, Kathy’s innovative and proven strategies generate higher levels of donor engagement, fundraising and board involvement that break revenue records and to inspire a new culture of philanthropy. She is the author of A Higher Bid and creator of The Philanthropy Model of Fundraising Auctions. Kathy Kingston is also a professional fundraising auctioneer, speaker and consultant. She has raised millions across the country for over three decades. To learn more visit,

What people say about our Expert Panel:

Gail Bower

“We had an extremely positive experience with Gail. We sold a $50,000, two-year sponsorship package after only one training session. I know. It sounds like one of those infomercial claims, but it’s true.””
Cathy Warner, Interim EO, York Builders Association

“While President & CEO of Tabor Children’s Services, I worked closely with Gail on two revenue-maximizing projects. Gail was extremely helpful. Her questions and suggestions helped us refine our referral generation strategy and empowered my staff.”
Jonathan Solomons, Chief Financial Officer, CATCH, Inc., Philadelphia

“Gail’s superior strategic planning skills and leadership style enabled our organization [Melanoma Research Foundation] to function at peak efficiency at each stage of a difficult project. Gail is the consummate professional who works tirelessly to ensure success.”
Joe Fazio, Executive Director, The Susan Fazio Foundation for Melanoma Research, and Member, Board of Directors, Melanoma Research Foundation.

Karen Eber Davis

“Karen always helps us to think outside-the-box and focus on what we can do and ways to make it work. Working with Karen is fantastic, easy, logical, and effective—it absolutely saved us time and money and helped us raise over a million dollars.”
Christine M. Smith, Director of Community Relations, The Salvation Army of Manatee County

“I’ve attended a lot of facilitated sessions by all kinds of professionals. What they did, didn’t hold a candle to Karen’s leadership.”
Ted Puckorius, Executive Committee Chair, Habitat for Humanity

“Not only is Karen a subject matter expert, she helped us formulate ideas, provided insights, and made herself available. Karen is passionate, helps get it done, and is a great resource to get you to next point in your revenue diversity process. We have a ton of consulting relationships, Karen’s at the top.”
Leonardo Alvarez, Chief Financial Officer, CareerSource Central Florida

Kathy Kingston

“Kathy Kingston is amazing. As a strategist, she was there for us every step of the way, guiding us through the planning process and developing our goals. We quadrupled our revenue the first year and kept using her strategies to grow it from there.”
Barbara Donatelli, Senior Vice President, Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI) Alaska Native Art Auction Executive Committee

“Kathy is the foremost authority in igniting generosity in others to maximize support for your cause. She shares her expertise in a practical, easy manner that will get you results beyond your wildest dreams.”
Donna Brighton, President of Brighton Leadership Group, Chicago

“Kathy can make a huge difference in your fundraising. She is more than an auctioneer, she is a philanthropic partner. Kathy is the very best I have ever seen.”
Alan Weiss, Consultant, Author, Speaker, Summit Consulting Group