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Kingston’s Auction Team

We sell your mission, not just auction items.

Kingston award winning professional auctioneers and professional auctioneer bid assistants understand the unique dynamics of conducting a benefit auction. As members of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), they are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

“Kathy took our auction to new heights by training our volunteers and staff… Kingston Auction Company has provided great support to our staff and volunteers in growing our event over the past three years.”
Jon Zasada,
Asst. CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska

Moreover, Kingston Auction Company auctioneers are highly trained to engage the audience, initiate a healthy competitive spirit, add fun, and move the bids along for maximum value. They bring fun to audiences while employing proprietary strategies that break revenue records.

We know how to raise money, not just sell auction items.

The Kingston Auction Team includes:

Kingston_white-jacket-2014Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS: Kathy, author of “Record Breaking Fundraising Auctions” is an award winning auctioneer, speaker and consultant for over 24 years.As a fundraising auction strategist and performance coach, she conducts innovative benefit auction seminars, teleseminars and custom workshops throughout the country for both nonprofit organizations and auctioneers. Read Kathy’s Bio.

June DeLair, CAI BAS:Ms. DeLair adds inspiration and heartfelt commitment with her vibrant auctioneering skills to assist nonprofits to achieve their fundraising goals.  Canadian World Champion and Second Runner Up International Auctioneer Champion, June received Auctioneer of the Year from New York Auctioneers Association, where she served as Chair of the Board and Past President. Read June’s Bio.
Daryl Pelletier, Professional Auctioneer: Daryl has been in the auction business for a lifetime, born and raised in front of a gavel. Daryl is a third generation auctioneer, from Brookline New Hampshire. He grew up in a small town and comes from a family of auctioneers.
Read Daryl’s Bio.
Lynne Zink, CAI: Consistent client testimonials state that Lynne’s energetic style and enthusiasm are contagious and her personal connection to engage auction audiences. As a finalist in the 2008 International Auctioneer Championship, Lynne also serves as President Elect of the Maryland Auctioneers Association.Read Lynne’s Bio.

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“Engaging your audience to new heights of bidding and revenue generation.”

We specialize in raising money at nonprofit and school auctions. Our dedicated and highly trained professional auctioneers also serve as your “Ambassadors” for your entire fundraising event. Whether we are conducting your Live Auction, promoting and closing your Silent Auctions, making announcements about exciting additional revenue activities, or training your live auction volunteers, our specialized expertise creates breakthrough revenue results and guest loyalty.

“Your auctioneering was eye-opening and we raised record amounts of donations because of you. I would like to offer a special thank you for your generosity in this time of great economic difficulty. We could not have done this with out you. Great work, Kathy!”
Carter Luke, President,
MSPCA – Angell, Boston

Experts in performing the inspiring Fund a Need Appeal, we often raises even more than your Live Auction. To keep your event fresh and lively, our professional auctioneers are known for their flair in conducting interactive revenue activities such as Heads and Tails, Lucky Dip, Balloon Auctions, Auction Chicken, Lightning Rounds and much more.

Kingston Auctioneers know the best live auction items and silent auction items and just how to sell them to maximize your revenue and excitement. However, more than just selling auction items, Kingston Auctioneers promote your cause and engage your audience in a style that is entertaining, positive and profitable.


A high level of revenue expectations, peak turnout as well as the attendance of major donors and guests, are compelling reasons to utilize professional auctioneer bid assistants.

In many cases, professional auctioneer bid spotters are vital to the success of your auction and gala. During the Live Auction and Fund a Need Appeal they communicate with you guests, spot bids, work in the audience and generate excitement and philanthropic bidding. Kingston Auction Company provides highly trained professional auctioneer bid spotters to enhance nonprofit auction fundraising for breakthrough results.

“We sell your mission, not just fancy trips to exotic locations.”

Kathy, author of “Record Breaking Fundraising Auctions” is an award winning auctioneer, speaker and consultant for over 24 years.