What Clients Say

What Clients Had to Say about Kathy and Kingston Auctions

“Kathy, thank you so much for your continued involvement in The Providence Center. It means so much! How wonderful we can continue to partner together to save lives – lives of soldiers like Josh. I truly value your expertise and compassion.”

Erica Donnelly, Philanthropy Officer, Annual Giving,
The Providence Center and Butler Hospital, Rhode Island

“I wanted to reach out and thank you so much for your wonderful guidance, leadership, advice, and participation in our 75th Year Anniversary. You really lead the group to success and I couldn’t be more grateful that you helped us achieve our most successful gala in the history of Carver Center. Our net was 150% over what we budgeted.”

With lots of Gratitude,”

Joseph Kwasniewski, Chief Executive Officer
Carver Center, Port Chester, New York

“Kathy your material and content was outstanding! The greatest values for me are the people and getting know the people who attend the auction – building the relationships.
I like how you encouraged us to change our paradigm. Love Your Style! Love You!!”

Daren Shumway, Call to Auction
Phoenix, Arizona

“I love your Group Thinking Exercises and nuts and bolts on conversations with potential clients in your Master Class.”

Bobby D Ehlert, Call to Auction
Phoenix, Arizona

“Kathy, I loved al of the valuable information you shared. The time flew by, but more importantly you opened my eyes and mind to the business opportunities that I can pursue as a consultant, auctioneer and speaker. Thank you!”

Frank Kitchen, Frank Kitchen Enterprises and Call to Auction
Phoenix, Arizona

“Kathy, I like the interactive style of your Master Class and especially the “deep dives” into organizations and how to strengthen relationships.”

Kenn Cunningham, Gavel4Good Benefit Auctions
Santa Rosa, California

“Kathy I enjoyed the Master Class on Fund a Need for auctioneers. I especially found the discussions with everyone and the strategies on how to market and hone your skills valuable.”

Lori Stefek, Stefek Auctions
Gross Pointe Farms, Michigan

“Kathy, I really can not express my gratitude for the opportunity to learn from you. Truly you are a Gem – Leader – Innovator – Ambassador for meaningful relationships.
Here are the ideas that I found so valuable: donor centric thinking – it’s about the donors, emotional language for the appeal-why do donors care. There was a Community of Professionals in your class with an excellent mix of visual and attendee participation. So much to take away!! Thank you for all the handouts and the book.”

Carol Miller, Bailey’s Honor Auctions
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

“Kathy, l enjoyed the way you guide the free flow of information between us, yet you are always teaching the class. I love having the handout powerpoint list written out so that I can take my notes to the list..”

Kevin Van Hollebeck, professional benefit auctioneer
Seattle, Washington

“It was great! Thank You!”

Yve Rojas, Auctions By Yve
Kansas City, Missouri

“Your Master Class is very needed. I’m so happy you are sharing it. There is such a need and BAS’s (Benefit Auctioneer Specialists) have so much to offer. I think what your class teaches has nothing to do with benefit auctions – it is way beyond that. I enjoyed finding more ways to provide expertise to my nonprofit and school auction clients.”

Erin Ward, Star Benefit Auctions, Inspire Hearts Fundraising
New York, NY

“The quality of attendees was high. Your Master Class consistently stayed on a high level of education. There was good flow and organization. You did a great job of now allowing anyone to highjack the class. Thank you for taking the time to put together this seminar! Having attended all of your seminars in the past, this was the best yet!”

Scott Robertson, Scott Robertson Auctioneer
Cape Coral, Florida

“Your Master Class Fund a Need Workshop was very useful! I like hearing how other prominent auctioneer do or think about things like where to place Fund a Need, trends etc. My favorite parts were our opportunities to speak in front of the group and receive coaching feedback..”

Keith McLane, KLM Auctions
San Francisco, California

“I very much enjoyed your Master Class. The value for me was the expertise of the other auctioneer and the diversity of the class. It was very interactive and hands on. Gracias.”

Oscar Guerrero, Latino Auctions International
Phoenix, Arizona

“Kathy, I enjoyed learning about the neuroscience of giving and how to craft a story for Fund A Need and how to talk with donors. I can’t wait to read your book A Higher Bid.”

Janel Rogers, Auctioneer
Phoenix, Arizona

“The value of your Master Class will allow me to serve my current clients better and I can offer new options. I enjoyed your leadership, knowledge and willingness to include ideas from the class and the setting/environment you create for learning. One of my favorite topics is your Quantum Impact Learning for auctioneers.”

Lynne Zink, LynneZink.com
Baltimore, Maryland

“Thank you Kathy…There are few individuals I have took forward to learning from and you have been on top of my list. I enjoyed your excellent material and the additional information about donor development in your Master Class on Fund a Need”

Anne Nouri, Co-Founder of Sorelle: Real Estate Professional, Auctioneer & Fundraising Consultant, McLean, Virginia

“Very conversational. Lots of great examples. Terrific questions.”

Kathleen Carny, Director of Resource Development
Just a Start, Cambridge, Massachusetts

“I loved your panel of experts for questions and answers and mini-live auction! Kathy is very lively and kept me engaged the entire time…wish we had even more time to hear her wisdom!”

Mikaela Saccoccio, Development Operations Coordinator,
West End House Boys and Girls Club, Allston, Massachusetts

“Your All In Fundraising Seminar helped us to target some specific areas where we can re-engage our event. Material was fun and interesting. Kathy was excellent – positive energy.”

Sue Carpenter, Co-Chairperson for St. Elizabeth Community’s largest annual fundraiser for the last 6 years. Rhode Island

“Kathy was engaging with relevant helpful tactical information. Thank you for a great training!”

Justin Pasquarello, Executive Director, East Boston Social Centers
East Boston, Massachusetts

“That was truly an incredible seminar and your talent and experience offered such amazing insight for everyone who was there! Thank you so much for including Greater Giving in the seminar and the planning process.”

Kim Bauman, Area Marketing Manager,
Greater Giving, Inc.

“Kathy’s a very good presenter. Nice overview. Material was good.”

Betsy McGinnity, Clerk, North Shore Pride
Manchester, Massachusetts

“Thank you Kathy. You are the Difference Maker!”

Satya Mitra, Treasure, National Speaker Association New England Chapter
President and CEO, “The Guru Tax & Financial Services, Inc

“Kathy has a national reputation for being one of the finest Fundraising auctioneers, a fundraising consultant, and author of the book “A Higher Bid.”

Kathy and I have collaborated on a number of events throughout the years, including the Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction. By combining our talents, we took a $1.5 million fundraising event to a $4 million event. And, when the National Auctioneers Foundation wanted to do a fundraiser four years ago, they called Kathy and myself to host it and we raise far more $ than they even hoped. Our rapport is that strong. Yet, I digress.

As I mentioned, Kathy has taught many advanced classes for fundraising auctioneers and for nonprofits, yet she said the class she taught in Phoenix was the pinnacle of all her classes, a master-level class. She told me it took her 10 years of thinking and processing to put this class together, and wow did she pull out all the stops. It was awesome.”

Scott Robertson, CAI, BAS
Scott Robertson Auctioneers
Cape Coral, Florida

“Loved the expert panel for questions at the end and example of the live auction! Kathy is very lively and kept me engaged the entire seminar….wish we had even more time to hear her wisdom!”

Mikaela Saccoccio, Development Operations Coordinator, West End House Boys and Girls Clubs, Allston, MA

“Kathy’s seminar helped to target some specific areas where we can re-energize our event. Material was fun and interesting. Kathy was excellent — positive energy.”

Sue Carpenter, Co-Chairperson for St. Elizabeth Community Largest Annual Fundraiser for 6 years running

“Kathy was engaging with very relevant helpful tactical information. Thank you for a great training!”

John Pasquarello, Executive Director, East Boston Social Centers

“Very conversational, lots of great examples, terrific questions.”

Kathleen Carney, Director of Resource Development, Just – A – Start

“Nice overview. Material was good. Kathy’s a very good presenter.”

Betsy McGinnity, Clerk, North Shore Pride

“Kathy was engaging with very relevant helpful tactical information. Thank you for a great training!”

John Pasquarello, Executive Director, East Boston Social Centers

“Thank you, Kathy! It was a great seminar and I did take away some wonderful ideas!”

Margot Regan, Events/Marketing and Communications Manager, Emmaus, Inc., Haverhill, MA

“Kathy, Just a quick thank you! I thought yesterday was very enlightening and invigorating. Sue and I talked all the way home about what we might be able to transform this year, begin the transform our sponsors thinking about the seats and change how and what we say when we are meeting with potential sponsors. We have our first steering committee meeting for 2018 on Wednesday and I know both Sue and I are excited about what we picked up yesterday.”

Geri Manning, V/Card, Philanthropy Officer, Saint Elizabeth Community, Warwick, RI

“Dear Kathy, thank you for a meaningful workshop with great ideas and this additional gift. I look forward to planning ways to move my organization’s two fundraising events to greater success.”

Elena Zongrone, Director of Development, Boston Cristo Rey High School

“She can get the last dollar out of your retirement fund…gladly! She’s wonderful… as an Auctioneer… it’s more fun… I’d give her everything I own! :-)”

Ashley Pakenham, Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society, West Windsor, VT

“Kathy is a funny and engaging presenter who is obviously an expert in her field.”

Maria Terris, Event Coordinator, Peabody Chamber of Commerce, Peabody, Massachusetts

“Very valuable information and a different way to approach treating event participants.”

Amanda Ross, Annual Fund Manager, Anna Jaques Hospital, Newburyport, Massachusetts

“Thank you, Kathy, for your expertise in planning and coordinating this success. Your long history with STAR speaks for itself and is always worthy of praise and testimonial. Seeing what other organizations raise with “local” people running the auction versus our success with professionals is proof that you are an expert in the field. Your guidance each year is an important catalyst to our success. We are proud to have you on the STAR team!”

Peter Saverine, Director of Philathropy, STAR, Inc. Norwalk Connecticut

“Kathy, you were very energetic and had a very interactive presentation. Content was very specific and suggestions and comments were all addressed thank you for sharing your experiences!”

Lani Geurts Washington Montessori School, Litchfield Connecticut

“Awesome session. Love the emphasis on the relationship with donors. This is key to success, not the auction items. Kathy is the best of the best.”

Anita Burrows, Starting Point Board Member, Conway New Hampshire

“Kathy spurred my imagination to engage our board of directors.”

Donna Viscone, Gala Coordinator at Christian Central Academy, Buffalo, NY

“Lots of tips and new thinking to learn from. Very good materials. Excellent presenter! Thanks, Kathy!”

Betty Smith, Volunteer Gala Chair, Mystic Area Shelter And Hospitality (MASH)

“Here are my takeaways from your seminar: the shift from an event to a program to engage donors and focus on “breeding” generosity early and do more after the event is critical.”

Amy Freise, Director of Development, Family Promise of Greater Nashua, New Hampshire

“An overview of the important components of your event that will make the greatest impact is invaluable. Specific items like donor engagement Fund-A-Need methods and strategies for broadening reach of events donors. Lots of valuable tidbits were offered very helpful seminar!”

Anna Sylvester

“Everything was fabulous and informative. I was completely entertained. This seminar could actually be an all day event. Looking forward to using the tools I learned.”

Holly Rose
CEO, don’t be a chump, check for a lump!, Phoenix, AZ

“Incredibly valuable information from an experienced group of speakers. I loved all the real world experience information and feedback.”

Randi Garcia
Love I Am, Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve been reading every benefit auction book I can get my hands on. Having just finished your book, I would like to say that “A Higher Bid” is head and shoulders above anything else out there. It’s fantastic. It’s opened my eyes to the power of shifting from a transactional model to a philanthropic model….it’s opened my eyes to all the fundraising opportunities…”

Michael Mahoney, auctioneer
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I recently took on a fundraising position that puts me in charge of our annual gala committee, and we needed some guidance to revitalize our event. I picked up A Higher Bid and devoured it in a day! Kathy’s insights helped me to identify and prioritize the most important elements of our event and focus our efforts to raise the money we know is out there for our cause.

I sent Kathy an email asking for some recommendations for an auctioneer in our area, and she responded promptly, chatting with me to learn more and recommend the right person for our audience and mission. Her experience and generosity are such gifts!”

R.E Maley

“We just finished our Annual Gala with Kathy Kinsgton. We just made the MOST money we ever have. From start to finish Kathy was phenomenal. She got people engaged. The paddles were going up all night long. People had fun! We just can’t say enough about how much we appreciate Kathy and making this our best night ever!”

Dennis McCarthy, Director of Development
Jumpstart, Boston, MA

“I enjoyed your entire seminar. The material was excellent. The value fabulous excellent value for all the knowledge you provided for A Higher Bid! Excellent to be in the audience, very engaging – I learned so much!”

Christine Tonelli, Director
Kenwood Education Foundation, Kenwood, California

“Your seminar yesterday was, as you like to say, FABULOUS! You illustrate and bring to life your experience and knowledge, which is invaluable to your students.”

Erin Kane, Development Director
Youth Music Project, Portland, OR

“Thank you once again for a delightful evening! We are so grateful to have you leading the event and driving the auction… We don’t have the final numbers yet, but it’s looking like we may surpass last year (our 100th gala!).”

Jeanne Matos, President, Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees, Lucy MacKenzie Humane Society, Quechee, VT

“I want to thank you for another wonderful evening at Paws for the Cause. Once again, you have exceeded our expectations and we think the numbers support that. Considering there were 30 fewer attendees this year, we think we have made as much as last year and we are so grateful to you for all your help. Not only do you help us to raise a lot of money, you make the evening into a very special event that people reflect on with fondness.”

Susan Copeland, Vice President
Board of Trustees, Lucy MacKenzie Humane Society, Quechee, Vermont

“The Bible is very important to me — but next to that, it’s your book, Kathy, A Higher Bid!

Jorie Kincaid, Executive Director
Kidspire, Portland, Oregon

“Dear Kathy: I wanted to get in touch and say thank you. I have just finished reading your awesome book, A Higher Bid. I now need to start again and study it in detail to help me become the Champion that I am to become.  You have given so much insight and inspiration from the dedication and commitment to your passion. I’m sure you hear it all the time but once more can never hurt. Thank You for All You Have Done and Will Continue to Do!

Sean Donnelly
Professional Auctioneer, Blessed and Grateful Auctions, Florida

“What a great seminar you offered…an experiential and informative session.

What did I learn? Stop fretting about the silent; stage the ask for the fund a cause; focus on the rhythm of the evening, auction best practices, how not to “leave money in the room.”

What did I enjoy? The atmosphere you created…loved the presentation.

What did I find of value? Many things about how an auction is part of the ongoing philanthropy of a nonprofit and how to connect with people.

I learned so much at the workshop, I’m still assimilating all those ideas, etc… But I cannot wait to tuck into your book A Higher Bid.

Lucy Jackson Norvell
Director of Development & Communications, American Camp Association, New England

Kathy’s Kingston’s Book, A Higher Bid, changed my life! After reading it my first auction raised 75% MORE than the previous year! This and going to Kathy’s class has launched a whole new career for me. THANK YOU Kathy Kingston!

Dee Dee Kiesow
San Jose, CA

Hi Kathy, I’ve been meaning to write since last week. What a great seminar you offered! Given what an experiential and informative session you did, I would imagine that you’re serious about the feedback you’re given.

And, you did an excellent job of showing the audience a snapshot of the variety of services you offer from consulting on big picture aspects (Stop fretting about the Silent; stage the ask for the fund a cause; focus on the rhythm of the evening), to coaching all for improved work performance (from the suggestions you had for each of us who addressed the room to the special work you did with the Fund A Cause speaker), to being in the know with regard to auction best practices, to the actual auction skills and ability you have not to “leave money in the room.” It was a really interesting snapshot of what you can do. I cannot wait to read your book. I learned so much at the workshop, I’m still assimilating all those ideas, etc… But I cannot wait to tuck into the book.

Lucy Jackson Norvell
Director of Development & Communications American Camp Association, New England

If you’ve ever participated in a badly-organized, under whelming fundraising event — and who hasn’t? — read this book. Kathy Kingston’s practical wisdom, good humor, and generous spirit shine through on every page. You’ll raise more money and, even better, you’ll have more fun.”

Andy Robinson
Andy Robinson, author, Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money

If your non-profit or philanthropic organization is looking for ways to raise money, a lot of money, more than you’ve envisioned, you need to read A Higher Bid by Kathy Kingston. Exceptionally successful auctions are more than just asking people to bid. To raise astronomical amounts of money, auctions need to be strategically orchestrated events. A Higher Bid provides the roadmap for your next fundraiser. Get it now.

Simma Lieberman, President
Simma Lieberman Associates

I’m SOLD! Filled with energy, enthusiasm and empowerment, A Higher Bid showcases ultimate strategies for fundraising professionals and volunteers alike!”

Gail Feinstein

Any fundraiser who doesn’t read this book is in the wrong business.

Stuart Paskow, CEO
Mitch-Stuart, Inc.

I loved this book! A Higher Bid is a treasure trove of ideas and great advice presented in a format that is easy to understand. Our non-profit community arts center has been hosting a fund-raising gala for 10 years and we have learned a lot of the lessons in the book the hard way. As we continue to grow and expand our development skills, this book will be a invaluable resource for our volunteer committee members, board members and staff. Each chapter provides dozens of strategies, ideas and the reasons behind why they work. It is a very user-friendly book with lots of practical examples, sample “scripts” for volunteers and interesting stories that will inspire many “Aha” moments. Open the book to any page and you are sure to come away with tons of valuable insight in just a few minutes of reading.

Karen J. Bennet, Michigan

Kathy’s style, passion, knowledge and material on the $41 trillion national wealth transference were strong. Time flew!

Pam McKissick
Williams and Williams, Oklahoma

Kathy’s session at our International Auctioneer Conference was jam packed with valuable information. I liked being given information on how to help grow my business. Very enthusiastic presenter, she connected well with the audience. I felt like she was talking to me personally!

John Genovese
Malama Auctions, Hawaii

Author Kathy Kingston’s absolutely “nails it” in this book on transforming a strategic fundraising auction. As a full time professional fundraising auctioneer with over 20 years of experience, I believe I have read every book written on the topic of benefit auctions. Ms. Kingston, hands-down has written the best ever book on this subject.She delves into the nuances of charity auctions including audience development, matching the auction items to your attendees, how the brain positively responds to giving in a group setting, and so much more!

Ms. Kingston has spent a lifetime researching best fundraising auction practices. Not-for-profit organizations that host charity auctions should rejoice Kathy took the time to author this book. If you wish to positively transform your auction, buy this book today.

Scott Robertson, CAI, BAS
Scott Robertson Auctioneers, Florida

Kathy Kingston is amazing and so is her book A Higher Bid. You’ll benefit from her innovative and profitable strategies just like we did. From the first time she worked with our Alaska Native Art Auction, we took our event to a new level. Kathy wasn’t just an auctioneer you talk to a couple of times and then shows up at the event. As a strategist, Kathy was there for us every step of the way, guiding us through the planning process and developing our goals. We quadrupled our revenue the first year and kept using her strategies to grow it from there.

Barbara Donatelli, Senior Vice President, Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI)
Alaska Native Art Auction Executive Committee

Kathy Kingston’s time proven skills, techniques and hints helped us raise 40% more money than the previous year. Kathy’s strategic thinking will help your non-profit organization reach new heights as well!

Douglas Lovell, Director of Parent Relations & Planned Giving
Cardigan Mountain School

I was inspired by reading “A Higher Bid.” I had always considered an Auction as a special event fundraiser but never saw the possibilities in maximizing the event for what it could become. Kathy Kingston opens up the notion of the event becoming a centerpiece of donor engagement in the philanthropy cycle of the organization. Also, the auctioneer is not a “hired hand” but the key to the success of the event with its planning, execution and follow-up.

Jack Good, Vice President
Peoples United Bank, Former Chairman of NEAHP and AHP

This year alone, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) raised $500K in new money from new donors by implementing Kathy’s strategies at events across the country. Readers of A Higher Bid can use these same strategies and tools Kathy taught us to drive revenue… We are no longer standing in the back of the room with our fingers crossed.

Kristin Kaplan, National Director of Special Events
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America

“Thank You!! This was well worth the trip across the country. I can’t wait to share and implement what I have learned.”

Leslie Nalley, Board of Directors
Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Kathy, Thank you so much, your workshop received rave reviews…best presentation of the day. Kathy Kingston was fab.”

Liz Stoke, President
Connecticut Consortium of Education Foundations

Kathy, have to say a very heartfelt thank you to *you*. Your presentation at our Benefit Auction Summit was absolutely awesome from the beginning: a well-thought out proposal, a great session and awesome follow-up. I really appreciate having volunteers like you involved.

Aaron Ensminger,
Director of Education National Auctioneers Association

“Kathy is a teaching machine. Her Beyond Bid Calling Workshop…IT WAS GREAT!!! There was so much to learn. OMG!!! Thanks again for all you have done for me.”

Oscar Guerrero,
Bilingual/Bicultural Auctioneer (English/Spanish) Arizona and Mexico

“Thanks for a great workshop and working with Anne. Her confidence level and excitement about the content has increased exponentially… We both can’t wait to get started…”

Sterling Strathe, BAS, CES, PRI
Fundraising Auctioneer & Consultant
Fundraising Auction Specialists, Wisconsin

“So great to see you shine yesterday…you continue to amaze and dazzle…shinier than your shiny jacket…and if you haven’t heard, it was another record for both silent and live auctions.”

Claudia Gere: Claudia Gere and Co. LLC
National Speakers Association – New England Chapter
Auction Committee Steering Committee

“Kathy, Just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you. I really appreciated all your coaching and felt it made a big difference, as did your stellar auctioneering!”

Christie Foote Smith, Director
Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary
Massachusetts Audubon Society

It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you and attend your fantastic workshop yesterday! Kristin speaks so highly of you and now I know why! Your passion and enthusiasm is contagious and I was truly inspired by you. Thank you for all the great info that I will certainly apply to so many aspects of my job moving forward.”

Jim Nye, The Benefit Auction Guy
President, Travel With Gavel

“I LOVE hearing from you!  Always great tips for my clients and to remind me why you’ve been the best teacher, mentor and Benefit Auctioneer! Thank you!”

Dan Walsh, Professional Auctioneer and Emcee
The OC Emcee, California

“Thanks again for all of your work last night, and during the days leading up to the event. Your thoroughness did not go unnoticed and the auction was the most successful we’ve ever had.”

Lael Harris, Communications Manager
Longy School of Music of Bard College

“Thank you so much for that wonderful conference call that I was able to listen in on yesterday. I was so surprised that you were chatting with everyone before it started. You were so warm and friendly. (Most speakers I’ve listened in on are very stuffy.) You had some wonderful pointers. Your knowledge and expertise shines through in what you say…Again, thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing your knowledge and experience. It was a very helpful call!”

Sue Fox
Flemington, NJ

“Thanks for the ultra-informative teleseminar. As always, you’ve blended today’s leading-edge benefit auction thinking with tried and true industry best practices, and wrapped it all up in a concise and user-friendly package that the rookie and the seasoned pro alike can use to dramatically improve their business. That’s why I keep coming back for more!”

Keith L. McLane, BAS
Professional Auctioneer and Consultant
Sacramento, California

Kathy – our auctioneer extraordinaire! Thank you for all you did to make our Gala so successful – and for your generosity. Looking forward to next year!”

Jeanine Tousignant, CEO
Manchester Music School, NH

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, expertise and excitement about this passion we share. You have been instrumental in my growth and have taught me so much! Thank you for investing in our Team, our Industry and our Future! Your impact can never be fully measured.

Bobby D Ehlert, Professional Benefit Auctioneer and Consultant
Call To Auction, Phoenix, Arizona

I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job at our auction last night. You were the emcee who made it fun for everyone to part with their money, all for the great cause of saving animals. You kept the momentum up and kept peoples’ attention all the while helping us raise more than we have ever raised in the past.

Susan Copeland, Vice President, Board of Trustees
Lucy MacKenzie Humane Society, Vermont

I wanted to send you a huge “Thank You!” I was a chairperson for our school auction this year. While I never attended a class of yours, I signed up for your newsletters and would always glance through them. I picked out some very impactful ideas and tips from your newsletters, such as ice-breaker games like “heads or tails”, knowing and choosing your audience, and hot items to have at your auction, such that create an experience for them. This year we made $10,000 more in profit by simply adding and tweaking our current agenda with your tips…and they were free resources on your website! I owe you Kathy! Thank you again!

Saint Joseph School, CT

On Saturday, I did my first benefit auction and I just need to say your training was INVALUABLE to my success that night.

I used all your messaging nuggets and was able to keep the audience focused on the mission throughout the evening. This was a big switch from years past for the client. They loved it! For me, most importantly, I was able to really critique myself and identify areas to improve because you have trained me what to look for. Next time will be even better. I walked out of the auction feeling like a million bucks!

Liz Weatherhead, Professional Auctioneer
Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Minnesota

Thank you so much for participating in the Women In Development panel last week.

I though your perspective was invaluable and given the number of folks waiting to chat with you after, so did the audience!

Haley Gordon Karl
National Director of Development Programs, City Year, Inc.

“This is the 3rd session I’ve attended. I enjoy Kathy’s energy and mostly her knowledge. I always learn something new.”

Katherine Bagshaw
Community Giving Tree, Currier Museum of Art, Habitat, Merrimac Valley

Kathy’s session was jam packed with valuable information. I liked being given information on how to help grow my business. Very enthusiastic presenter, she connected well with the audience. I felt like she was talking to me personally!”

John Genovese
Malama Auctions, Hawaii

“Kathy’s style, passion, knowledge and material on the $41 trillion national wealth transference were strong. Time flew!”

Pam McKissick
Williams and Williams, Oklahoma

“Kathy’s knowledge is obvious and masterfully communicated. Very good class!”

Timari Cox
Liska Oregon Auction Company, Oregon

“Kathy involved the people with enthusiasm – not a boring moment.”

Pat Ranft
Beloit Auction Services, Wisconsin

“It was a great auction. Thank you for doing such an outstanding job at our event. We received such positive feedback about your warmth and professionalism on the night of the event and it continues to roll in. Our committee members and staff are very happy with the results that you were able to help us achieve.”

Laura Sinitsky
Director of Marketing & Development
Richmond Community Services Foundation

“I have had the honor of having Miss Kathy Kingston become a mentor to me within the Benefit Auction Industry in which she so graciously shares her knowledge, wisdom and professionalism. Miss Kathy embodies the true meaning of giving and professionalism within her career and personally. Her enthusiasm for her profession and in giving to others is so captivating that she excites me, amongst others, to continue learning through every experience in which I am honored to become part of the Benefit Auction Industry and to further develop my relationship with her.

Thank you so much for your time, assistance, kindness and wisdom that you have so graciously shared with me.”

Cissy Tabor, Professional Auctioneer
SCissy’s Auction & Special Events, LLC, Colorado

Kathy’s impact on our event was immense. She not only brought the house down with her incredible skill as auctioneer but her consultation and strategy prior to the event made the difference to our record breaking success.”

Lisa Bosquet
Senior Associate Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Providence College, Rhode Island

Thank you for presenting at the Benefit Auction Summit in Denver. Attendees had an engaged experience with your seminar and your gracious touch of offering your ebook was so true to your style. As your chairperson, your friend and fellow fundraising auctioneer, thank you for strengthening the National Auctioneers Association and our profession.”

JillMarie Wiles, CAI, BAS, CTM
Beneficial Auction Services,
Chair, National Auctioneers Association Education Trustees

“Thank you for all you did to make our auction at NSA New England at success. Not only did you go above and beyond with helping Janet and I, but your knowledge and skill and personality super-charged the audience and got phenomenal bids for us. Kathy, thank you for everything: your guidance, your humor and your generosity.”

Linda Varone
Auction Co-Chair National Speakers Association,
New England Chapter

“I owe you special thanks for your council and extensive fund a need consulting expertise.The 2012 Lupus Butterfly Manhattan Gala with Whoopi Goldberg, was a great success which lead to the direct increase in revenue and new, thoroughly satisfied, repeat clients. You are a sharing Benefit Auction Specialist and a savvy business leader.
Thanks for your help Kathy.”

Michael Powers
Manhattan Auction House, New York, NY

“Thank you for a great tele-seminar today. I feel energized and re-committed to putting together an outstanding auction for our Foundation this year!”

Laura Schulkind
Chair of Operations for the Rhinebeck Science Foundation,
Rhinebeck NY.

As a leader in your community, you have continued to mentor other auctioneers and give your clients the best service avaliable. Your immense talent and passion was seen by your peers at 63rd International Auctioneers Conference with your ability to drive your team to success.”

Frank Guinta
Member of Congress

View Full Testimonial Here

Kathy Kingston was presented The Chuck Cumberlin Memorial Sportsmanship Award in the spirit of good sportsmanship, attitude of true competition, encouragement and overall camaraderie among the other contestants.”

John Nichols
Chairman of the 2012 International Auctioneer Championship and
past International Auctioneer Champion

Chuck Cumberlin set the standard of the professional auctioneer and was a good friend of mine; Kathy Kingston embodies all of the qualities of the champion auctioneer. Her unexcelled ability on a professional level and welcoming personality are the qualities that all auctioneers strive to have.”

Paul C. Behr
Vice President, National Auctioneers Association and
past International Auctioneer Champion

The Beyond Bid Calling Benefit Auctioneer class in Scottsdale was the highlight of my auctioning experiences! Thank you for all you do for us!”

Sara Minor, CAI, GPPS
Minor Auctions, Indiana

..heartfelt thanks for inviting us the fantastic Kathy Kingston workshop that USI sponsored…I am confident that our future events will be much stronger fundraisers thanks to the information Kathy shared with us. Barbara, Gina and I learned so much~What a gift you gave us!…”

Betsy Gamkow, Executive Director
Columbia-Greene Hospital Foundation

My mind is still reeling with all the new insights I have gained on how to help with my Non-Profit fundraising efforts. You have turned this Print Rep’s thoughts in a whole new direction on how to promote an auction and raise more money and for that I thank you.”

Sally S. Esborn, Business Development Manager
Sir Speedy Printing and Marketing Services

I attended Kathy Kingston’s course, “Beyond Bid Calling” in Texas. The hands on training and roll playing gave me the knowledge and confidence that I needed to be able to raise more money for my non profit clients. My first client after class reaped the benefits during the Special Appeal by raising more money than expected. I was even able to pick up a new client that night as a result of my “performance”. Thank you Kathy for sharing your knowledge with us!”

Christie King, CAI, AARE, BAS
C King Benefit Auctions, President and Founder, Alabama

Last year alone our auction team raised an additional $5 million for our nonprofit clients because of the advanced skills I learned in your Beyond Bid Calling Workshop. I will continue to be the first in line for any of your seminars, and will forever be in debt for all that you have taught and given to me, my family and our business.”

Jeff Maynard, President & CEO
Maynard & Associate Elite Benefit Auctioneers & AuctionHaus

This award is given annually to an individual who typifies Mr. Cumberlin’s love for the industry and his attention to other auction professionals. Kathy is an individual who is passionate about benefit auctions and who mentors and encourages her colleagues in every way possible. She epitomizes the spirit of what Mr. Cumberlin brought to the industry and Kathy is truly an Auctioneer’s Auctioneer.”

Hannes Combest
CEO of the National Auctioneers Association

I loved the Dream Game! What a great technique for targeting fabulous auction items and the procuring them.”

Gina Orlando
Columbia-Greene Hospital Foundation, New York

“Any Board member, volunteer or event planner will benefit from Kathy Kingston’s practical ideas and guidance for fundraising benefit auctions.”

Gene Mazur
Manchester Community College Foundation, Connecticut

“Great experience, humorous and practical. Lots of info and specific tasks to engage committee members.”

Pam Stuart
Child Guidance Center of Mid Fairfield, Connecticut

“This day was so informative. Thank You!!”

Wanda Guzman
United Way of Meriden and Wallingford, Connecticut

“Not only did you provide tons of amazing information to help improve our event, but also kept an 8 hour seminar fun and enjoyable!”

Meredith Maffett
Ron Foley Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, Connecticut

Video Testimonial from Cladia Bell for Kathy Kingston – How Auctioneer Kathy Kingston’s professional skills, mission centered approach and enthusiasm engaged the audience to new levels for El Hogar Ministries.More Testimonials

Kathy is a force of nature and she has such a great way with people! I can’t wait to work with her again.”

Amanda Harless, Associate Producer

Liz Page Associates

“I just had to personally thank you… you more than delivered. This will apparently be our biggest grossing event in our organization’s history … we are still stunned (and grateful) for all of your help. We are now your loyal fans and know we will be working with you for many years to come.”

Anita Burroughs

Conway Area Humane Society, New Hampshire

“Thanks to Kathy Kingston our Friends Finding Friends Charity Art Event made more money than we ever dreamed!”

Anne Omundson, Development Director

The Friends Program

“It has always been such a pleasure knowing and working with Kathy. She has always been a great self-esteem boost and taught me to respect myself and to value the skills I can offer.”

Ayden Grout

Former neighbor, student at NYU

“WHAT A GREAT AUCTION!!! We had so much fun; I think it was the best auction ever. The numbers are great too. Thank you so much.

Beata Swierczenski, Auction Chair

Adams Montessori School, MA

“I worked directly with Kathy on all aspects of the auction and found her to be very professional and hard working for our school. I was highly impressed by her abilities and heard positive comments about her for weeks following the auction.”

Bob McCall

The New School, Kennebunk, ME

“Because of Kathy Kingston, Koahnic Broadcast Corporation has grown its annual auction more than 300 percent in the past six years. Our Alaska Native Art Auction is now one of the state’s premiere charity art auction events.”

Cassandra Shumate, Director of Marketing and Development

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation, Alaska

“The proof is in the results. After working with Kathy, two of our groups NEARLY TRIPLED their fundraising revenue!”

Celeste Wilson, Executive Director

Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston

“I have been receiving tons of wonderful feedback from our board members, staff and patrons complimenting you. Everyone here is thrilled that the energy of the event felt good and that the auction was a success. I cannot thank you enough for our hours of phone conversations working to perfect this fundraiser.”

Chris Silberman, Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Denver, CO

Video Testimonial from Victoria Vandenbury for Kathy Kingston – How Auctioneer Kathy Kingston generates excitement before and during the auction and doubles the auction items to increase fundraising for the Labrador Rescuers. More Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your part in making our event so successful. Everyone appreciated your management of the event, your humor and your spirit. You added so much.”

Deborah Weaver, Founder and Executive Director
Girls’ Leap

“I am working on my seventh annual auction here at the Waldo County Transportation Program. Our auctions have always been successful thanks to the excellent training my staff and I have received provided by national auction award winner, Kathy Kingston. Kathy puts on an all-day training that leaves no questions unanswered. I can tell you she is one of the best auction trainers in the country and has the credentials to back it up. The value of the information and material provided in the training will more than cover the costs of sending a couple of people to the training.”

Ed Murphy
Waldo County Transportation Program
Belfast, ME

“Kathy transforms wishful thinking into success, is exceedingly generous with her time and connections in the process, and in the end the donors, volunteers and staff are proud of what they achieved to advance their mission. Kathy’s integrity, professionalism, and energy make her exceptional and indispensable.

James M. Schaffer, Chief Development Officer

“Working with Kathy simply assures your success. She has handled our event the last three years with outstanding results. We don’t hesitate to hire her again and again because we know the auction is in very capable hands. We’ve been thrilled with her!”

Jane and Whitney Harris, Chairpersons of the Silver Ball

Arthritis Foundation, St. Louis Chapter

“Somehow, thank you doesn’t seems to fully articulate how grateful and appreciative I am for enticing me to take that first gigantic leap of faith three years ago. Wow Ms. Kingston! You continue to inspire and challenge me, and I love it. You’re the best!

Jared West, General Manager

Boston Gay Men’s Chorus, Boston, MA

Kingston consulting client, Melanie Damsker shares how Kathy Kingston’s pre-event fundraising consulting empowered Green Light Fund to reformat their evening program to make biggest impact in donors and not to leave any money in the room by maximizing their fundraising efforts.More Testimonials

Kathy Kingston’s experience and knowledge are priceless!

Kerry Dwyer

Museum of Yachting, Newport, RI

“Thanks Kathy for starting me on the right path to planning our first auction.”

Lisa Hergenrother

Habitat for Humanity, MA

“It was a great night – I have heard back from many people who raved about it. Thank you for all your help and expertise in making this so successful.”

Liz Kinchen, Executive Director

El Hogar Ministries

Thank you for all you did to make the Fund-the-Future such a success! We are gratified to have such a friend and we look forward to seeing you around Long Wharf in the future.”

The Development Team

Long Wharf Theatre, CT

“I feel fortunate to count Kathy as a friend and colleague.”

Melanie Damsker, Director of Special Events and Outreach

Greenlight Fund

“Kathy Kingston is beyond talented! Her enthusiasm and forward approach made our organization tons of money!”

Patti Frew-Waters, Executive Director

Durham Main Street, Durham, NH

Long time volunteer and Board of Directors member, Sharon Weiner describes the best auction that Friends of Karen has ever had with Auctioneer Kathy Kingston.More Testimonials

“Kathy Kingston choreographs every single moment of your event. We made 5 times the money we made last year.”

Patricia Lavoie

Southern New Hampshire Youth Ballet

Thanks again for all your help and hard work! You made the Cabaret so exciting and so much fun. I really look forward to working with you (and learning from you) in the future.”

Stephanie, Friends of Karen

Kathy has become part of our fundraising lore, and her wisdom echoes through our work.”

Tara Keppler

Atrium School

These concepts work!”

Tracy LaPlante

The Met, NH

What Auction Clients Had to Say …

Video Testimonial from Betsy Roper for Kathy Kingston – How Auctioneer Kathy Kingston raised more money as well as the energy level of audience with her interactive style and interactive revenue-producing auction activities at Wolfe’s Neck Farm Auction Gala.More Testimonials

“I am writing to you today to thank you for providing auctioneers our Boots N Bling gala and fundraising event benefiting Starting Point. We continue to work tirelessly on behalf of the women, men and children we serve. Your support was very important to the success of the first annual Boots N Bling event and we than you very much.”

Beth Campbell,

Board Member

“Kathy Kingston gave our annual auction the shot in the arm it needed in order to bring us to the next level. Thanks to her expertise, enthusiasm, and incredible skills as an auctioneer, we were able to substantially increase revenues generated from this event. Kathy is absolutely marvelous and will bring new energy to your next auction fund raising event!”

Barbara Bilz, Director of Development

Leisure Services & Supplemental Education, Town of Amherst, MA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy Kingston who has been the auctioneer of our annual Tourism Travel Auction “Travel Treasures” for the past three years. Kathy has been an integral part of our auction planning committee with donation solicitation, silent and live auction items layout and event planning. During the live auction Kathy motivates our attendees and continues to exceed our fundraising goals. She has been invaluable in providing fundraising strategies to our association and I would highly recommend Kathy Kingston’s services as auctioneer.”

Teri Hendricks

Alaska Travel Industry Association

“She’s dynamite. Her skills as an auctioneer doubled the income of our annual auction in three years. Her enthusiasm and high energy level add to the fun of the evening.”

Barbara Cempura, Executive Director

Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Southwestern Illinois

“Kathy Kingston was hired as our first professional auctioneer for our Soroptimist auction. She brought fun, high-energy to our event and she was terrific at motivating the audience. I was also impressed on how thoroughly she prepared herself for our event by being involved with our goals and knowing our auction items. Kathy’s strong commitment played a major role in our success.”

Georgia Blue

Soroptimist International of Cook Inlet

“Kathy, we could not be happier with how you handled the entire auction. You performed your auctioneer magic from beginning to end and raised more money on the first auction item alone than we’ve raised previously during entire Families First auctions.”

Christa Martinez, Executive Director

Families First

Video Testimonial from Barbara Salisbury for Kathy Kingston –
How Auctioneer Kathy Kingston’s professional services raises exponentially more money for their MAB Community Services Gala Auction and how Kathy works her magic and makes it fun.
More Testimonials

“Kathy did two auctions for us, and handled them in a very professional manner. She was able to draw people out; she wouldn’t take no for an answer! Her enthusiasm was really contagious.

Thomas Culliton, President

United States Association for Blind Athletes, Missouri Chapter

“Kathy is fantastic!! I’ve been to many business and educational seminars over the years, and I’d have to say that yours was far and away the best of them all! …You were well organized, and came across as friendly, witty and highly professional – just the things anyone would look for in hiring a consultant or auctioneer. Once more Kathy, thanks so much for allowing me to attend, and for giving me so much great information and inspiration. You are an honor to our profession.

John Carson

John Carson Benefit Auctions

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time, for your energy, for your love, for your INCREDIBLE generosity on every level for making Saturday the most memorable evening my professional life. My love, deepest respect and humble gratitude to every one of you!”

Diane B. Lesneski Auger, Founder and Director

Friends For Tomorrow, Inc.

You’re amazing! Thanks for helping to make our event such a great success as we celebrated fifty years of volunteer services for blind and visually impaired individuals.”

Barbara Salisbury

MAB Community Services

“Just a brief note to say thank you so much for an extraordinary job you did on behalf of the Fuller Craft’s Luminaries event. You are one of the better auctioneers and professionals that we have encountered on the fundraising circuit over these past decades. Congratulations, your deep commitment to museums certainly comes through.”

Bernie and Sue Pucker

Pucker Galleries, Boston, MA

“Our auction on Friday night was SO much improved over past years. Thank you for all of your words of wisdom.”

Brandy Kolmer, Director of Development & Public Relations

Mystic Arts Center – Mystic, CT

Video Testimonial from Kim Mason for Kathy Kingston –
How Kathy Kingston as Auctioneer and Consultant raised the most money ever for Wolfe’s Neck Farm by emphasizing their mission and with her enthusiasm and professional fundraising auction expertise.
More Testimonials

“The Kingston team of auctioneers is our first choice in auction professionals! Last year their unique combination of warmth and professionalism spurred our auction to new heights, bringing in 29% more net revenue than our prior year, exceeding all expectations. They read our audience well, made sure they didn’t miss a bidder in the capacity crowd, took just the right tone, and kept a perfect pace. It was a wonderful evening that our donors are still talking about, and we look forward to welcoming them back again this year.

“I’d like to thank you for justifying our faith in referring you. I strongly suggested one of our sister organizations (Conway Humane Society) attend ‘Auction School’. They took my advice and their auction revenue more than tripled this year (March, 2009) despite the economy! They are ‘Kingston Konverts’ as I knew they would be. Thanks for never making me regret my referrals!”

Caroline Boyd, President & CEO
Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire

“Your auctioneering was eye-opening and we raised record amounts of donations because of you. I would like to offer a special thank you for your generosity in this time of great economic difficulty. We could not have done this with out you. Great work, Kathy!”

Carter Luke, President
MSPCA – Angell, Boston, MA

“Kathy created a veritable avalanche of success and well being to Summer Stages Dance. I cannot thank her enough for her wise and seasoned guidance, her unflagging faith in the event, her generosity of spirit and resources, her high standard of excellence, and her delightful energy. She is a joy to work with. She does the impossible – she engages her audience with the skill of a seasoned performer and the determination of a prizefighter. She created an event environment that was informed, friendly, exciting and intimate all at once – an environment where guests feel thrilled and proud to be generous.”

Diane Fielder, Chairman

Summer Stages Dance, MA

On Kathy Kingston: “She’s my favorite auctioneer!”

Diane Pratt

March of the Dimes

“Kathy is the most wonderful auctioneer we have ever had at an Atrium auction. The event was a tremendous success, much of which is to be credited to your effort, enthusiasm and support. We are all truly grateful.”

Don Mayer, Chair

Board of Trustees, Atrium School

“Our annual Auction raised more money than any previous auction with the talent of Kathy Kingston. She was able to engage the audience in such a positive fun way. We are already looking forward to next year’s auction! We could not have reached our overall fundraising goal without a successful auction and Kathy made that happen!”

Dorene Glynn, Development Director

Shelter, Inc., Cambridge, MA

“Where would CCI be without Kathy? She is without a doubt, the backbone of our fundraiser. People rave about her skills – she encourages us to get bigger and better every year. Thanks again – working with you is a blast!”

Hadley Luddy, VP of Development

Community Connections, Yarmouth Port, MA

“I can’t thank you and Joan enough for your good work. You really made the difference. A pro is a pro is a pro! And you made it fun for everyone. Hope our paths cross again.”

Jan Whitehead, Chair of the Board

SITI Company

“Dynamic, energetic and powerful.”

Jennifer Hart

Creative Art for Kids, Boston, MA

“Kathy walks on water. I have had the privilege of working with her on several events for non-profit organizations, of which I am a board member. Her invaluable advise to our committee on auction structure and items, is only exceeded by her exceeded by her extraordinary platform performance. Kathy’s strategies to increase audience participation and boost revenue are truly impressive. We far exceeded our financial goal. Kathy is a warm and engaging person- fun to work with and always available for advise and support.”

Joan Parker, Board of Directors

American Repertory Theater

Video Testimonial from Anne Omunson and Karen Varney for Kathy Kingston – How Auctioneer Kathy Kingston has continued to raise the most money at The Friends Auction auction profits for several yearsMore Testimonials

“It was a fabulous time and we are still glowing. Thank you Kathy and Lynne for helping us make the Gala so successful. You were so professional and we were glad you were a part of it. Thank you again for a job well done!”

Jodi Berman Felton, Gala Chair

Westport Arts Center, CT

“Kathy Kingston brought tremendous energy and excitement to our auction. Her guidance during the preparation and her skill and enthusiasm at the event put us over the top!”

John Coull, President

Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce, MA

“Kathy took our auction to new heights by training our volunteers and staff, great placement of items, and by really connecting with our crowd! Kingston Auction Company has provided great support to our staff and volunteers in growing our event over the past three years. Thanks to Kathy, we have been able to increase the return on contributed items, made our auction more entertaining, and secured new donors.”

Jon Zasada, Asst. CEO,

Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Alaska, Alaska

“By using Kathy as our professional auctioneer we tripled our proceeds! She’s wonderful. She works with you and has your organization’s interests at heart. She’s not out for herself. She helps tailor the auction very specifically. We’d never plan an auction without her.

Judy Meador, Executive Director

National Association of Women Business Owners, St. Louis Chapter, MO

“I want to personally thank you (June DeLair) for the absolutely fantastic job you did!! You are in the “YOU make a difference” elite group. We have had wonderful comments on the event, with one comment that it was ‘the best of the best’!! Again, on behalf of the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury and personally, my sincere appreciation. Your help planning the “show flow” for this new venue for us after 7 years of holding our event at one site was instrumental in our success. June DeLair as auctioneer did a fantastic job of “helping” our guests put their passion to work by by reaching into their pockets and bidding.”

Kathy Pape, Gala Chairperson

Women’s Center of Greater Danbury, CT

“Kathy is a true professional. Her energy, experience and creativity add value and star-quality finesse to any fundraiser. I look forward to consulting with her on future events, as well as hiring her as an auctioneer.”

Kerry Brash

Clinton Education Foundation

“I would thank you for the exciting and wonderful live auction. It is in large part due to your expertise and charisma that the event was a success; over $100,000 was raised for Longwood Symphony’s programs – an accomplishment we can all be proud of!”

Lisa M. Wong, M.D., President and CEO

Longwood Symphony Orchestra

“A Celebration of Radical Kindness was a great success in large part because the auction was such a show stopper! Your stage presence really motivated the audience to an unprecedented level of auction giving and we can certainly say without a doubt that your participation elevated the event to a new level of success.”

Liz Page, Principal

Liz Page Associates

“On behalf of all of us at STAR Inc., our heartfelt appreciation for all you did to contribute to the success of the Stars Dinner and Auction. We had another great year thanks to your guidance, expertise and commitment to our organization. We could not have achieved what we did with you. Many, many thanks from all of our children and adults with developmental disabilities.”

Mike Petell, Development Director

STAR, Inc., Connecticut

Video Testimonial from Tammy Ehinger for Kathy Kingston – How Kathy Kingston keeps the auction audience engaged on the mission, raises record amounts with Fund A Need and brings valuable auction strategy and coaching behind the scenes to Saratoga County Economic Opportunity Council.More Testimonials

Kathy, you are brilliant! A riot! The Best! Thank you so much for using your magnificent auctioneering skills to support Greater Boston PFLAG. As you know, it was an amazing, emotional and touching evening. Our group loved you. They thought you were funny, engaging and really excellent at getting people to open their wallets. We could not have asked for more! You were terrific!”

Pam Garramone, Executive Director

Greater Boston PFLAG, MA

“One of the most important aspects of the entire fundraising auction event is hiring a professional charity/benefit auctioneer. This single decision can make a significant impact on the financial success of your next auction. A professional auctioneer with specialized training and experience in fundraising can generate more profit for your event, in addition to creating an unforgettable evening of fun and excitement for your supporters and guests.”

Peggy Theiss, Director of Special Events

National Office of the March of Dimes

“Recently, I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Kathy Kingston at a Big Brothers Big Sisters auction held on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I have been the Master of Ceremonies for at least ten past auctions and as such have worked with several professional auctioneers. In my opinion, Kathy was the best. Not only was she professional, but also very entertaining and quick with a quip, which precipitated bidder involvement. I am hoping to have her work with me in future auctions.”

Richard N. Rougeau, Esq., Master of Ceremonies

Big Brothers Big Sisters Auction, Cape Cod, MA

“Kathy was patient and helpful and I am sure having her expertise helped us make more money than we would have otherwise. One of our guests commented, ‘I was going to leave early, but the auctioneer was so entertaining I stayed until the end!’ This was just one of the many positive remarks overheard that day.”

Rita McCall, Parent

The New School

“Kathy is among the best charity auctioneers in this country. Her auctions are lively, infused with enthusiasm and move people to reach new heights. Every auction or workshop I have attended has generated great energy and results in very significant contributions to your organization.”

Sharon Danosky

Danosky and Associates, CT

“Your enthusiasm and professionalism always add so much excitement to the night. I am certain that the success of the evening had much to do with your participation in Rose Bids this year. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Sharon Garland, Director of Development

St. Elizabeth Community, RI

“This past year our Legacy Gala was at its very best with the expertise of Kathy Kingston. She had marvelous ideas on changing our layout, which helped us to make more money. She also worked with us to implement “Fund a Future” which added almost $14,000 extra to our profits. She was professional, fun, and very entertaining with our guests bringing our auction to a whole new level of energy and proceeds. I would highly recommend Kathy to any non-profit. It is clearly evident that she loves what she does.”

Theresa Lucier Judd, Special Events Coordinator

Bishop Guertin High School, NH

“This auction was so great, we are still on a high!”

Virginia Moore, Conway Area Humane Society

Conway, NH

“Kathy’s able to generate dollars and excitement – a winning combination.”

Will Holsberry, Executive Director

National Intramural Recreational Sports Association

What Seminar Participants Had to Say …

Seminar Participant testimonial for Kathy KingstonMore Testimonials

“Thanks for the ultra-informative teleseminar. As always, you’ve blended today’s leading-edge benefit auction thinking with tried and true industry best practices, and wrapped it all up in a concise and user-friendly package that the rookie and the seasoned pro alike can use to dramatically improve their business. That’s why I keep coming back for more!

Keith L. McLane, BAS
KLM Auctions, Sacremento, CA

“Thank you for sharing your experiences. It makes us all better benefit auctioneers.”

Mark Schroeder BAS, CES,

Auction brio llc, San Antonio, Texas

“Kathy you are a GODDESS among auctioneers!”

Abe Rybeck,
Artistic Director,
The Theatre Offensive, Boston, Massachusetts

“Kathy, Thank you so much for that wonderful Teleseminar that I was able to listen in on yesterday. I was so surprised that you were chatting with everyone before it started. You were so warm and friendly. Most speakers I’ve listened in on are very stuffy. You had some wonderful pointers. Your knowledge and expertise shines thru in what you say. It is very generous of you to share what your experience has taught you for free or for such a reasonable cost. My friend, Fran Burelle, (a manufacturing equipment auctioneer)
pointed me in your direction.Again, thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing your knowledge and experience. It was a very helpful call!”

Sue Fox

“Kathy! I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your webinars! They are refreshing, full of great ideas and keeps me connected with YOU! Thank you for doing those! Thank you!”

Dominique Mouthon
Head of School,
Follow the Child Montessori School, Raleigh, NC

“Kathy’s seminar was the best seminar I’ve ever been to. Very informative and fun – I learned a lot!”

Andrena Gagliardi
The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc., Connecticut

“We raised more than double what we raised last year after attending Kathy’s seminar.”

Ariel Wortzman
Teen Voices – Boston, MA

“This is the third time I’ve attended one of Kathy Kingston’s seminars and again, I’ve added to the wealth of exciting and useful auction tips she’s shared before. For anyone involved with non profit auctions, this is a ‘must attend’ event for a successful event.”

Brigette Siff Holmes
Pierce Law Center, NH

“Our Fund a Need was an overwhelming success – above and beyond the Live and Silent Auction. We followed all your tips as your seminar. It was great.”

Carol Gayman, Director of Special Events

Manchester YMCA, NH

“I have never been so mesmerized by any public speaker who could hold my attention for over 7 hours — Kathy never stopped and her energy level never waived.”

Liz Crowley

Ludlow Streetscapes, Vermont

Excellent presentation; it’s obvious you love what you do!”

Carol Sullivan

Latham Centers, Inc.

Seminar participant, Shannon Malone talks about the insightful, wonderful ideas she took back to the Jordan Hospital auction, from Kathy Kingston’s and Sharon Dansosky’s workshop: Integrate Special Events into your Dynamic Fundraising Plan.More Testimonials

“If you hold auctions, do not miss this seminar!”

Liz Warner, President

MARC Community Resources, CT

“An outstanding presentation – Kathy makes it fun to learn new, different

ideas for good/easy fundraising auctions.”

Cindy Mazar

Star Boosters, Indiana

“It was a pleasure to attend your seminar on successful auctions this past weekend at the GALA Choruses Leadership Conference. You certainly offered some terrific insight, and then you practiced what you preached later in the day (with great success I might add).”

Cliff Schiappa, Development Director

Heartland Men’s Chorus, KS

“This is a great seminar for the first time auction volunteer or for someone who needs a refresher.”

Deb Gingras

St. Anthony School

“This seminar packed an amazing amount of useful information into a profitable and fun program. Seasoned professionals and beginners alike gain a trove of ideas.”

Deborah Barackman

Waterbury Hospital, Waterbury, CT

“Kathy’s seminar was absolutely fabulous! This is probably THE best eight hours I have spent at any workshop. We all felt the valuable information that Kathy shared will help make our future fundraisers a success – and let’s face it, we need all the help we can get in today’s economy.”

Diane Cummings, Executive Director

St. Luke’s Eldercare Solutions of Central Connecticut

Kingston Auction Client and seminar attendee Stan Griffith tells how Kathy Kingston provided level of expertise so Greater Boston PFLAG created a culture of giving by getting their board of directors and committee focused on productive fundraising techniques and ways to build donor relationships for the future.More Testimonials

“The day was fabulous. I learned a great deal, many ways to improve our next event. You are a great presenter and made the day fun and informative.

Joan Lawrence, Director of Development

girls inc., Lynn, MA

“Thank you. I got a lot of useful information from today’s seminar. I attended one of your seminars two years ago and implemented many of the ideas I took away.”

Paula Coyne, Director of Development

Cold Spring School, CT

“We really enjoyed the auction workshop. My gang thought it was great and it lived up to the rave reviews I have always given. Now I think they will play heads or tails!! Our best for the holiday season!!”

Jane Carroll

“It was absolutely the best seminar I have ever attended. I have been raising funds and planning special events for over 10 years. Kathy gave me some wonderful insight on how to raise more funds during an event and ways to keep your audience captivated. I will certainly use what I’ve learned with others in my organization. Thank you again!”

Sharon Pelkey, Director of Development

Special Olympics Connecticut

Your Teleseminar … it was wonderful! I was writing fast and furious. I had to step out for 5 minutes and I came rushing back in so I didn’t miss too much!!”

Lana Wescott, Development Director

Mercy Hospital, Portland, ME

“Thank you very much for inviting us to participate in the Fundraising Auction workshop. Kathy Kingston was dynamic, informative and entertaining. I walked away with many new ideas and strategies.”

Kimberly Margolis, Director of Corporate Sponsorship

Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, CT

“Thank you so much for the outstanding information, motivation and “auction-tainment” you shared at yesterday’s workshop. What a blessing it was to learn best practices from a professional team.”

Danielle Withroder

East Catholic High School, CT

“You were simply outstanding last night. Your skill and professionalism are only surpassed by your authenticity. We are so grateful for your continued support and love for Share Our Strength and we look forward to next year with you.”

Rosemary Shore

Share Our Strength

“You are concise, informative and know how to drive a crowd like no other. I learned so much. I am excited to put your methods in our fundraising endeavors.”

Jenna Trembly

Long Wharf Theatre, CT

“I thought your seminar was excellent, one of the best I’ve attended in a long time. You covered a lot of material, but you covered it well, especially for an audience made up of people with all levels of auction experience. Having auctioneers there to help demonstrate was great – lots of energy! Thank you!”

Marianne M. Jones, Executive Director

Women’s Fund of New Hampshire

“The seminar was wonderful both in terms of content and context. Kathy truly ‘demonstrated’ the techniques (she was) teaching and involved her audience to an amazing degree. You can bet that I will be recommending that we use the services of a professional like her.”

Fred Souza

Stonington Community Center, CT

This is the best seminar I have ever been to!”

Dianne Timmerman, Events Coordinator

California Central Coast Alzheimer’s Association

“Thank you for yesterday’s incredibly energizing and thought provoking “Auction Success in a Down Economy” seminar. Kathy Kingston was absolutely terrific, and the entire day was packed with great ideas, directions, and fun.”

Karen Breehey, Marketing, PR and Development

Visiting Nurse and Community Health, Arlington, MA

“You are a genius. We just had our auction and used some of the things we learned from your seminar. It was hugely successful! Everybody was totally amazed.”

Sydney Voghel Ochs, Development Director

Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT

We just held our auction … what a success! I used just about every technique I learned at your “Auction Success in a Down Economy” seminar. Our final tally exceeded last year’s amount. Who would have thought that in this economy that could happen? I really owe it to you. What I learned in your seminar was well received by the museum’s executive staff, the committee, and by the attendees.”

Mary O’Coin

Old Sturbridge Village, MA

Kingston Auction Client and seminar participant, Kristin Wright shares how Auctioneer Kathy Kingston doubled Children’s Trust Fund auction revenue in ten minutes with the inspirational Fund A Need and continues to raise their auction to a new level each year.More Testimonials

Kathy gave an excellent presentation. Having never held an auction before, after listening to her, I feel much more confident about beginning our auction preparation.”

Sasha VanDerzee

Company One

“Your presentation was my favorite, and I had some really good ones! It was lively, entertaining, and NEVER boring! Thanks again for putting so much into it. I learned a great deal!”

Pat Munoz

River Network, Washington, D.C.

“The combination of presenters Kathy Kingston and Sharon Danosky is spontaneous combustion!”

Donna Goldsmith, Gala Co-Chair

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center, NY

“Once again, Kathy’s auction seminar was superb! This year was my 14th Annual Auction, however I still learned a great deal and got many good ideas. Thank you!”

Joan Redden, President/CEO

Milford Area Chamber of Commerce

“I truly enjoyed participating in Kathy’s teleseminar today. Probably the best half hour I have spent this week! Thank you for all the helpful and practical information.”

May Balsama, Executive Director

Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce

“Kathy’s seminar was incredible. I learned so much and have been putting much of it to practice with my upcoming auctions.”

Erika Byrne

March of Dimes

“I was most impressed with Kathy’s practical strategies to improve our next auction. I learned a LOT watching these videos.”

James W. Ryan, Board President

Dot Art

“Kathy’s workshops have given our non-profit clients hope and profit making methods in an economy that can only be described as dismal. They’re fun, interactive and filled with ideas that can easily raise thousands of new dollars, year after year.

Gail Feinstein

“Thanks to Kathy’s seminar I took a different approach and our auction was a huge success.”

Lynn Kish

St. Thomas Aquinas School, Derry

“Thank you so much for the fantastic presentation to our Women in Non Profits Group. It really helped to change my thinking about how I communicate to potential donors about City Year. I’m sure my fellow members are having similar ‘AHA moments’ themselves. Thanks again!”

Sarah Schnable

City Year, Boston, MA

“I have attended many seminars and haven’t gotten the amount of information that I received today... Lots of practical advice and suggestions.

Kathleen Norwood

United Way of Greater New Haven, CT

“Thank You!! This was well worth the trip across the country. I can’t wait to share and implement what I have learned.”

Leslie Nalley, Board of Directors

Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“Energetic, stimulating, engaging and informative.”

Frank Juliano

The Hudson Valley Writers Center, Sleepy Hollow, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. The synergy between Kathy Kingston and Sharon Danosky is electric and motivates the audience. WOW!”

Lucille Greaci-Miranda, Faculty

Pace University, NY