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Do I Hear a Million™?
Benefit Auctioneering for Record Profits!

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Learn to raise more funds, book more high profit benefit auctions, generate powerful fundraising streams at auctions, have more fun, and create dedicated repeat annual clients that are thrilled to refer you time and time again.

Are you ready to bring greater value and breakthrough results to nonprofits plus turbo-charge your benefit auction business?

In her breakthrough audio book, thought leader Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS will propel you skyrocket your benefit auctions. The newest thoughts, profitable practices and innovative trends in benefit auctioneering.

“I loved creating this audio book for you — it’s jam packed with proven and innovative profit-making tips and techniques to explode your benefit auctions. Enjoy!”
Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS Author

Forget about just auctioning fancy dinners and exotic trips anymore (though they are addressed in fresh ways). Explode your benefit auctions now. Focus on the author’s own expansive experience and help to thousands of nonprofit and charitable organizations and to hundreds of auctioneers to transform their organizations and businesses.

Newcomers and veterans will find this an invaluable resource to aid benefit auction business growth and auction fundraising in the new economy.


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Do I Hear a Million™? Benefit Auctioneering for Record Profits!


Chapter 1: Benefit Auctions Are Booming!

What is a Benefit Auction anyway

Purposes of a Benefit Auction

Anatomy of a Benefit Auction

Types of Benefit Auctions

How is it different that commercial auctions

Why Fundraising? It’s More Important than Ever!


Chapter 2: How to Get Started

Why should you consider becoming a Benefit Auctioneer

Marketing: How to find and keep benefit auction clients

Types of Nonprofit and School Auction Clients

Working with Nonprofits & Auction Committees

What nonprofits expect and need from Benefit Auctioneers

How to justify your fee

Compensation and services

Proposals and Agreements – A Primer


Chapter 3: Best Practices for Conducting the Benefit Auction

Conducting Silent Auctions

Conducting Live Auctions

Benefit Auction Chant

Fund A Need Special Appeals—Double Your Revenue in 10 Minutes

Make It Fun & Profitable!


Chapter 4: Keys to Thrive in Any Economy as a Benefit Auctioneer

Soliciting High Yield Auction Items

Attracting the Right Guests: Audience Development

Strategic Marketing and Mission Messaging

Show Flow & Momentum

Set Up the Venue Right

Fundraising Auction Quality Sound

Illuminating the Benefit Auction


Chapter 5: Benefit Auction Trends – Kathy’s Crystal Ball

Leveraging the New Economy for Benefit Auction Success

New Benefit AuctionTechnology

Consulting in King

Be Indispensable!

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