Auction Tools

Auction-Tracker Software

Easy to use, Auction-Tracker and gives auction clients an effective and efficient way to keep their fundraising auction on track and running smoothly from beginning to end.

Design, create and manage every aspect of your auction including:

  • Guest Lists
  • Donor Lists
  • Volunteers & Staffing
  • Catalogue Preparation
  • Tax Receipts & Reports
  • And much more!

Decrease burn out and inefficiency! Join the thousands of organizations in the United States, Australia, and Canada who use Tracker-Series applications to make their events run smoothly and profitably.

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Greater Giving

Whatever cause is your passion—Greater Giving helps you to be more effective in your fundraising efforts. Our technology and credit card processing solutions are designed exclusively for nonprofits and schools — enabling them to raise more funds with mobile bidding, online registration and donations, event management software, payment processing, peer-to-peer fundraising and more.