Protected: Kathy’s Top 10 Introduction

Are you ready for to take your fundraising auction to the next level – but need new fresh ideas for bigger profits and more engaged donors?

Fundraising auctions and bidders changed. Have you?
Are you optimizing every aspect of your benefit auction event?

Learn Kathy's Top 10 vital benefit auction strategies to maximize your fundraising auction and to thrive in this new economy. Transform your fundraising auction immediately and energize your Auction Committee, Board and volunteers and raise more funds.

In Kathy's video book, she shares her proven benefit and charity auction strategies to break auction revenue records. Find high performing auction items. Discover high impact winning strategies to go to the next revenue level now!

Perfect for auction committees, executive directors, marketing and event directors, auction planners, volunteers, development staff, board of directors, event planners and anyone involved in a charity or fundraising auction.

Kathy Kingston offers a wealth of practical strategies for revenue enhancement; many of these ideas you can immediately implement to raise more money right now.

Why a Strong Benefit Auction is Vital to Your Success

Chapter 1 - Leverage Trends: Power to the Next Level Now

Why Benefit Auction Budgeting is Like a Road Trip

How to Create Your Vibrant Revenue and Expense Budget

Why Stories Raise More Money than Statistics at your Fundraising Event

What are the Best Levels for Contributions at Fundraising Benefit Auctions?

How To Determine A Fund A Need Auction Lead Gift

Add more fun and profit at your charity benefit auction

Chapter 2 - Leadership. Succession. High Performing Auction Team

How to Use Video to Raise Benefit Auction Profits

Biggest Mistakes Auction Committees Make in Marketing

#1 Focus for High Impact Marketing

How A Video Can Wreck Your Fundraising Auction

How to Attract High Donors at Benefit Fundraisers

Silent Auction Item Lay Out Rule

Chapter 3 - ASK Unabashedly

How Do You Make Your Silent Auction Sing?

What is a Sponsor and How to Find One

Top Tip for Sponsorship Solicitation

Chapter 4 - Communicate Transformation

Techniques to Elevate Fundraising Auction Bidder Participation

Reasons That People Do Not Come to Auctions

How to Get the Best Selling Auction Items

Ideas for Great Silent and Live Auction Items

Chapter 5 - Turbo Charge Audience Development

What are the Pros and Cons of Consignment Items?

Key Differences Between Professional and Volunteer Auctioneers

How to Hire a Professional Auctioneer for benefit auctions

What Should You Expect from Your Professional Benefit Auctioneer?

Chapter 6 - Win the Race of Time vs. Money

How Speeches Kill Fundraising at Benefit Charity Events

How to Start your Live Auction Program

How to work with Celebrities at your Benefit Auction

Foods That Will Kill a Fundraiser

What’s the Best Food at Silent Auctions?

Streamline Registration and Cashiering at Benefit Auctions

How to Mine Your Fundraising Auction Data

Mobile Bidding at Benefit Auctions

New Ideas for Benefit Auction Revenue

How to Add a PowerPoint to Your Live Auction

Chapter 7 - Fire Up Your Live & Silent Auctions

A Fresh Way to Promote Your Mission at Your Charity Auction

When Should You Close Your Silent Auction

Best Ways to Close a Silent Auction

How to Run A Silent Auction

Chapter 8 - Retain a Professional Benefit Auctioneer

Silent Auction Guaranteed Bid Instant Winners

What is the Best Benefit Auction Timeline?

When Should You Do the Live Auction?

When Should You Serve Dessert at Auction Fundraisers

How to Motivate Your Auction Procurement Committee

Chapter 9 - Magic Ingredient: Add FUN!

What is Your Auction Item Solicitation Packet?

The Benefit Auction Chant

Leverage the New Ecomony to Raise More Money at Your Fundraiser Auction

The Importance of Auction Guest Testimonials at Benefit Auctions

Chapter 10 - Ignite Generosity with an Inspiring Fund A Need Appeal