Press Release: June 2011


Record Breaking 25 Year Veteran Lifts Lid On Celebrities Harming America’s $16 billion Fundraising Benefit Auctions Industry

Kathy Kingston, author of ‘Record Breaking Fundraising Auctions Tips,’ claims high level advanced training for professional benefit auctioneers stops Celebrities ruining fundraising efforts from stage through inexperience.

The World Auctioneer Championship Finalist 2003 identifies education as a key prime position maker as more organizations attempt to raise higher levels of much needed funds.  Kathy is currently preparing to compete in the International Auctioneers Championships 2011 being staged in Orlando, Florida in July during the International Auctioneers Conference and Show.

Named ‘Woman of the Year’ by Saint Louis University in 1986, Kathy has become recognized as an International Leader in facilitating benefit auction success through tailor made workshops, teleseminars, coaching and mentoring programs.

Over the last quarter of a century Kathy Kingston has empowered thousands of fundraising professions, board members and auction committees right across the United States to raise more money.

Kathy Kingston’s outside of the box thinking and approach stems from her unique professional background and an award winning career in non-profit fundraising and marketing, higher education, university coaching, public service administration and the entertainment industry.

Her fusion of the arts, science, business and theatre in benefit auctions to maximize fundraising offers a philosophical yet cutting edge dynamic to her industry as a catalyst for donor development and long term fundraising success.

Just 22 % of auctioneers worldwide hold the Certified Auctioneer Institute (CAI) designation.  Kathy Kingston is amongst them.  Plus, she’s made the World’s top 166 list of Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) professional designation.  The prestigious and much coveted Rose Award 2006 was presented to Kathy by the National Auctioneers Association.  The Rose Award honors David Rose, a visionary auctioneering hero who died in 1998 after a brief illness.

The 25 year veteran remembers framing the very first dollar she earned in the industry.

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