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Kathy Kingston on Pam McKissick Without Reserve

In a world that is in a constant state of evolution and reinvention, live Auctioneering has the rare distinction of a trade that continues to play a significant role in the sale of goods for thousands of years. Across the country, in French, German, English or Spanish, the Auctioneer moves automobiles, real estate, heavy equipment, livestock, wine, and, once, tobacco. And, the Auctioneer’s chant is America’s music. The speed, rhythm and excitement of the Auctioneer’s chant leaves its indelible mark. But why is it so memorable? How is the rhythm created? How can you become an auctioneer? In the two-part, mini-series of the “Pam McKissick Without Reserve” radio show, McKissick and her special guests provide answers to these questions and more while they each share their one-of-a-kind, well-perfected and melodic Auctioneer’s chant.

About Pam McKissick Without Reserve:

 “Pam McKissick Without Reserve” is a radio talk show series that delivers unfiltered commentary on the world at large.  Pam McKissick is a veteran radio personality with a career that kicked off at the age of 18 when she was hired as one of the first female broadcasters for WNEW-FM Metromedia New York.   She is also co-owner and CEO of Williams, Williams & McKissick, one of the largest, most cutting edge and diverse auction firms in the United States.