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December 2011 | Issue No. 36

Note from Kathy

Female Cardinal

"Female Cardinal in Winter" ~ Watercolor by Kathy Kington

All the best wishes for joy, health and abundance.

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One of my favorite holiday traditions is our Kingston Fund meeting where we select our annual grant recipients. Our Board of Advisors are my nephew and seven nieces, Arley, Megan, Alysha, Molly, Erin, Lexi, Brianna, and Lindsay - ages 15 to 28 years old. (We actually hold our annual meeting at our family gathering on Thanksgiving sometime between the turkey and pumpkin pie!) I’m excited to announce the 2011 winners... read more.

2011 was again an outstanding year for our benefit auctions and for fundraiser auctions as they continue to thrive across the country.

Thanks so much again for your support over the last 25 years. I’m honored to serve you and so many amazing nonprofit organizations and talented benefit auctioneers all across North America.

And, I’m thrilled to support you in the next 25 years!

Always BIDhi!

Kathy Kingston signature

PS: Delight your guests with my tangy gorgonzola stuffed peppadews! Try my recipe below.

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Feature Article

The Kingston Fund

The 2011 Kingston Fund
Grant Award Winners Announced

I’m excited to announce our 2011 Kingston Fund grant award recipients.

The Kingston Fund Board of Advisors, my nephew and seven nieces, Arley, Megan, Alysha, Molly, Erin, Lexi, Brianna, and Lindsay (ages 15 to 28 years old) have selected the following nonprofits to receive Kingston Fund grants this year: Homeless Prevention Council, Family Continuity, Community Health Center of Cape Cod and Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps.

Kathy Kingston

In Loving Memory of
Winnie and Willie Kingston

The Kingston Fund was established in 2005 by Kathy Kingston in loving memory of her parents Winnie and Willie Kingston. To play an active role in philanthropy, Kathy Kingston and the Board of Advisors, her nephew and seven nieces, meet annually to make grant recommendations to support educational and charitable programs of Cape Cod.

Click here to learn the winning organizations!

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Gorgonzola Stuffed Peppadews*

Kathy Kingston

Photo Credit Kathy Kingston

6 oz crumbed gorgonzola cheese
6 oz plain greek yogurt

Mix the gorgonzola cheese crumbles and greek yogurt together.
Spoon this mixture into the peppadews.
Pop one in your mouth! Yum!
Super easy, impressive, low-fat and gluten-free too.
Place on a festive platter and watch them disappear!

*Peppadew is the first new fruit to be launched on the world market since the Kiwi 26 years ago. From South Africa, they are spicy, slightly hot and sweet. I ate them for the first time on a visit to South Africa and became addicted. You can find them in your supermarket, they come in a jar and sometimes they are often found on the olive bar too.

Try your own variation; they are great in salads and on pizza too. Please email me and let me know how you like it!

Here are some first-hand taste-testers testimonials:

“The color is perfect for the season. The flavors are scrumptious together."
Barbara Richards, Environmentalist and Painter.

“I love the greek yogurt and creamy texture along with the tangy sweetness of the peppadew." 
Doris Rice, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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"My mind is still reeling with all the new insights I have gained on how to help with my Non-Profit fundraising efforts. You have turned this Print Rep's thoughts in a whole new direction on how to promote an auction and raise more money and for that I thank you."

- Sally S. Esborn, Business Development Manager
Sir Speedy Printing and Marketing Services

"I attended Kathy Kingston's course, "Beyond Bid Calling" in Texas. The hands on training and roll playing gave me the knowledge and confidence that I needed to be able to raise more money for my non profit clients. My first client after class reaped the benefits during the Special Appeal by raising more money than expected. I was even able to pick up a new client that night as a result of my "performance". Thank you Kathy for sharing your knowledge with us!"

- Christie King, CAI, AARE, BAS
C King Benefit Auctions, President and Founder, Alabama

"Last year alone our auction team raised an additional $5 million for our nonprofit clients because of the advanced skills I learned in your Beyond Bid Calling Workshop. I will continue to be the first in line for any of your seminars, and will forever be in debt for all that you have taught and given to me, my family and our business."

- Jeff Maynard, President & CEO
Maynard & Associate Elite Benefit Auctioneers & AuctionHaus

Click here for more testimonials on my site...

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