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November 2012 | Issue No. 46

Note from Kathy

Kathy Kingston
Do I Hear a Million?
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Heartfelt wishes all our clients, colleagues, families and friends who were so seriously effected by Hurricane Sandy. Our company has made a donation to the Red Cross to offer support - it would be an honor to help in any way we can.

Here on the NH seacoast, we were lucky and grateful for no damage. However as Sandy neared landfall, I drove through NY and NJ to Baltimore to conduct the Out & Equal Workplace Equality Gala Auction scheduled a just couple days after Sandy struck land. Although many guests could not attend, even a hurricane forces could not quell the amazing generosity. Kudos to  Teddy Witherington and the Out & Equal staff, board and volunteers who exhibited impressive leadership and organization and adapted to the ever changing conditions with stunning success!

Over 1500 guests did turn out and we raised 50% more funds with 600 fewer guests! Thank you to marvelous Maryland auctioneers who served as superb auctioneer bid assistants working the floor in this huge audience: Frank Russo, Sam Grasso, Roxanne Casto, Bill Fox, Lia Kvatum, and Anna Zink.

I'm excited to announce the release of my new audio-book: Do I Hear A Million?T Benefit Auctioneering for Record Profits! Listen to over 3.5 hours of innovative and profitable strategies for auctioneers who want lead their nonprofits to the next level of fundraising.

Want more fun in your fundraising auction? Raise some serious dough with a Premium Dessert Frenzy. Learn how in my article: Let Them Eat Cake... And Raise Money Too!

Ever seen a Bohemian Waxwing? Scroll down to see my watercolor of this striking bird feeding on my cherry tree in Alaska. Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

Always BIDhi!

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Feature Article

Let Them Eat Cake...and Raise Money Too!

Premium Dessert Frenzy Heats Up Your Benefit Auction Bottom Line!

Puzzle Cake
Stunning Premium Dessert fetches $400 at Nashoba Learning Center Auction
With holiday spirit, our thoughts often turn to desserts. Did you know that decadent desserts can bake up some serious revenue at your  next charity auction? Pop a Premium Dessert Frenzy into your fundraising auction oven. Here's my favorite charity auction recipe for more fun and profit. Read on and learn how to turn a homemade pumpkin pie
into  hundreds - even thousands of dollars for  your nonprofit cause.

Kingston Trio of Benefits

When I'm consulting with a nonprofit or school, I point out this type of fun revenue generating activity has three key benefits, which I call the "Kingston Trio." First, it is highly Interactive - it's fun and stirs energy in the audience. Second, it is Inclusive - all of your guests can bid because it's started at a low price point at which everyone can get in on the fun and bidding. Third, it's Income-Producing.

An interactive fundraising game like Premium Dessert Frenzy teaches your guests the all important charity auction philanthropy lesson: "It's not what you get that matters, it's how much you can give to make a difference." So get ready to raise some serious dough with just a few delectable desserts at your next benefit auction!

Please read the full article here.

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"Thank you for all you did to make our auction at NSA New England at success. Not only did you go above and beyond with helping Janet and I, but your knowledge and skill and personality super-charged the audience and got phenomenal bids for us. Kathy, thank you for everything: your guidance, your humor and your generosity."

- Linda Varone,  Auction Co-Chair
  National Speakers Association, New England Chapter

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Kathy's Watercolor

Kathy's Art - Bohemia Waswing (bird)

Bohemiam Waxwing in Winter
Original Watercolor by Kathy Kingston
2012 All rights reserved

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