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July 2013 | Issue No. 54

Note from Kathy

Kathy from backstage IAC

Kathy Competes in Finals of
World Championship

Photo credit: Adam D. Jones,
National Auctioneers Association

I was honored to place in the top seven as a finalist in the International Auctioneer Championship Women's Division in Indianapolis. What a fantastic experience! Huge congrats our new champions: Megan McCurdy and Andy White!

When's the best time to procure awesome auction items? View my video for cool tips for hot auction items while you are on vacation this summer!

Auctioneers: ramp up your FSP: Fundraising Stage Performance. Join me at Beyond Bid Calling Workshop on December 9 & 10 in Dallas. Take advantage of the lowest price today - $100 off the super early bird price which ends July 25th.

Enjoy my watercolor "On Shore"... just scroll down to view.

Always BIDhi!

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PS: Welcome to our new readers. You're going to love my weekly video tips and resources for your best auction ever. Feel free to forward this to your colleagues and friends.

PPS: New nonprofit workshops coming this fall to Danbury, CT and Boston, MA. Watch for details coming soon.

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Feature Article


Watch Kathy's video for cool tips on how to procure AWESOME auction items while you are on VACATION!

Savvy auction volunteers solicit auction items year-round. Join in!

Click here to watch the video.

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Nonprofit Professional Development

Watch for Kathy’s Fall Seminar Schedule

Danbury, CT and Boston, MA

*Want a seminar in your area? Just contact Kathy

For Professional Auctioneers

Beyond Bid Calling Workshop

Advanced Fund-A-Cause & Fundraising Stage Performance
Raise More Money!  Catapult Your Career!
ecember 9 & 10, 2013 Dallas, TX
Please contact Kathy
*NAA Special - $100 off Super Early Bird -- Use Code NAA2013 --
Ends today, July 25th!

Consulting for Benefit Auctioneers Workshop

August 5 & 6, 2013 Atlanta, GA
*Wait list only. Please contact Kathy.

NEW Audio Book: Do I Hear A Million?

Benefit Auctioneering for Record Profits!

Kathy's new audio-book:  It's over 3.5 hours top notch training and strategies for auctioneers who want to take their fundraising auctions to the next level.

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Mentor Programs

Learn how you can rapidly and substantially contribute to your personal and professional growth. Discover more about Kathy's NEW Private Roster Mentor Program.

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"It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you and attend your fantastic workshop yesterday! Kristin speaks so highly of you and now I know why! Your passion and enthusiasm is contagious and I was truly inspired by you. Thank you for all the great info that I will certainly apply to so many aspects of my job moving forward."

Jim Nye, The Benefit Auction Guy
President, Travel With Gavel

Click here for more testimonials on my site...

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Kathy's Art: On Shore

On Shore
Watercolor by Kathy Kingston  © 2013 All rights reserved

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