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January 2014 | Issue No. 59

Note from Kathy

Wishing you a bountiful 2014!

Thanks for your very kind words and overwhelming response to my videos tips!

By popular demand we'll be featuring your favorite videos bi-monthly.
Just "Take it from the top!" Love all your ideas and feedback!

Kathy’s top tips, techniques and sometimes rants.

It's 2014: Fundraising and auctions have changed. Did you?

Benjamin Franklin said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." I invite you to consider investing in your professional development and to raising more funds!

I'm excited to announce our new spring seminar line up: Sky-High Auction Profits Seminar on March 12 in Concord, NH. 1pm to 4:30pm (BONUS: Kathy's *FREE e-books with early registration. Special pricing for groups)

Fund A Need Intensive Workshop on March 13 in Danbury, CT. 1pm to 4:30pm Don't leave money in the room. A highly interactive, fun and hugely financially rewarding not-to-be-missed session. Experience Kathy's personal coaching for your Fund A Need. (BONUS: FREE e-books: "Record Breaking Fundraising Auctions" with early registration. Special pricing for groups)

For our professional auctioneers, consider 2014 as your year to blow fundraising targets out of the water!

Consulting for Benefit Auctioneers on June 22 & 23 in Scottsdale, AZ
You'll learn and perform consulting skills to raise far more funds, deeply engage donors and build long-term loyal client advocates. (Kathy's *FREE audio-book: "Do I Hear A Million?" with early registration)

The game-changer for most of you. Beyond Bid Calling Workshop on December 8 & 9 in Ft. Myers, FL . Kathy's personal coaching to spotlight Fund A Need plus advanced speaking, fundraising stage performance and showmanship skills. ("Kathy's FREE audio-book: Do I Hear A Million? "with early registration)

Always BIDhi!

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Feature Article

Engaging More Auction Donors:
3 Keys to Your Most Successful Benefit Auction Ever

Kathy Kingston, fundraising auction consultant and benefit auction strategist updates us on how to tap into key giving trends at fundraising charity auctions.

According to Kathy's extensive benefit auction industry know-how, benefit auctions are booming across the United States. In fact, many of her clients broke all-time fundraising records this year.

Kathy Kingston Bid Cards

Get Everyone Bidding with
Kathy’s MLS Formula

Americans are incredibly philanthropic. 75% of Americans give to Charity, according to Sharon Danosky, fundraising consultant and president of Danosky & Associates. The benefit auction business is booming. Over 16.3 billion dollars are raised annually at fundraising auctions in the United States according to the National Auctioneers Association.

Kathy encourages nonprofits, schools, and event planners to tap into some of the reasons why people give, often the secret to increasing donor participation at benefit auctions. This advice can help you best select travel packages and other live and silent auction items as well as better planning of all elements to ensure your most successful auction ever.

Kathy created this acronym, "MLS" to illustrate how she sees auction guests giving at fundraising auctions: meaningfully, locally, and strategically. Here is how it applies to the ways donors are giving.

Meaningfully. Today's donors give to causes that are near and dear to their hearts, either via personal experience or when someone close to them asks them to become involved. How can you translate this "meaning" to your event? Kathy strongly suggests making sure the event's mission is central in the conversation. "Not just as the beginning and end of the night, but threaded throughout, visually, conversationally and any other creative way you can think of." Make sure that your auction guests understand the impact of their gift.

Go to my Blog to read more of the article ...ONLINE here...

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Nonprofits & Schools

Sky-High Fundraising Auctions

Wednesday, March 12 in Concord, NH. 1pm to 4:30pm (BONUS: FREE e-books: "Record Breaking Fundraising Auctions" with early registration. Special pricing for groups)

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Fund A Need- Advanced Seminar

Thursday, March 13 in Danbury, CT. 1pm to 4:30pm
Don't leave money in the room. A highly interactive, fun and hugely financially rewarding not-to-be-missed session. Experience Kathy's personal coaching for your Fund A Need. (BONUS: FREE e-books: "Record Breaking Fundraising Auctions" with early registration. Special pricing for groups)

*Want a seminar in your area? Just contact Kathy

For Professional Auctioneers

Consulting for Benefit Auctioneers Workshop

Create a Highly Profitable Stream of Income for
Your Benefit Auction Business with Consulting
June 22 & 23, 2014 - Scottsdale, Arizona

Limited Spaces. Register NOW:
Auctioneers - create a highly profitable income stream for your benefit auction business with consulting. In this highly interactive 2-day workshop you will practice and hone specialized skills and techniques that you need to add highly requested and profitable consulting services to nonprofits.

  1. Provide indispensable value to your clients
  2. Exponentially raise more funds
  3. Add a highly profitable income stream

Limited registration due to the individual coaching of each participant. Register Now

Beyond Bid Calling Auctioneers Workshop

Advance Your Fundraising Stage Performance
Raise More Money! Catapult Your Career!
December 9 & 10, 2014 Ft. Myers, Florida

Extremely limited space, register now.

NEW Audio Book: Do I Hear A Million?
Benefit Auctioneering for Record Profits!

Kathy’s new audio-book:  It’s over 3.5 hours top notch training and strategies for auctioneers who want to take their fundraising auctions to the next level.

Available NOW!

Kathy's No-Brainer Benefit Auction Encyclopedia

A perfect gift for you favorite nonprofit and school.

Put an end to the auction creation struggle – know exactly what to do, what to ask for, who to ask, and who to invite so you generate generous donations every time.

Expand your Fundraising Library now:

Mentor Programs

Learn how you can rapidly and substantially contribute to your personal and professional growth. Discover more about Kathy's NEW Private Roster Mentor Program.

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"Thank you so much for participating in the Women In Development panel last week.

I though your perspective was invaluable and given the number of folks waiting to chat with you after, so did the audience!"

Haley Gordon Karl
National Director of Development Programs
City Year, Inc.

Click here for more testimonials on my site...

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Kathy's Art: Winter's Here

Winter's Here
Winter's Here

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