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March 2014 | Issue No. 60

Note from Kathy

Sure Sign of Spring
Photo Credit: Mary Ledoux

These sweet hours-old baby lambs made me believe that spring really is almost here. Thanks Mary Ledoux at Cardigan Mountain School for making my day with this great photo from your NH farm. Given this polar plunge winter, we are all ready for warmer weather!

Speaking of HEAT, how do you fire up your auction fundraising? Read my article: "Inspired Not Tired" to learn my top 10 ways to inflame your auction momentum to raise more money.

Auctioneers, did you know when you offer pre-auction planning and consulting you can double the profits for your nonprofit and school clients? Hone your benefit auction consulting craft at my next advanced auctioneer workshop: Benefit Auction Consulting on June 22 and 23 in Scottsdale Arizona. Details and registration: Limited registration, maximum interaction. Early bird ends soon.

Scroll down to see my latest watercolor: "Brazilian Orchids" that I painted after visiting the fantastic Orchid Show at the legendary Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis this winter.

Always BIDhi!

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PS: You can bring my innovative ideas and energy to your nonprofit, school or fundraising association anywhere in the country. (I'll help you raise more money as a consultant or speaker. Even if you have an auctioneer that you love, I'll consult with you and your auction committee.) Just give me a call -- let's talk! 603-235-1196.

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Feature Article

Inspired! Not tired...

Keep Bid Cards Waving! Read Kathy's Top 10 Ways

How much money do you lose by allowing long boring speeches that put your guests to sleep at your benefit auction?

Try my new "No BS" (No Boring Speeches) techniques to motivate and engage your bidders and donors to new heights of generosity.

In this new economy, it's vital to connect deeply with your auction guests so they emotionally understand the impact of their gift. Remember, long boring speeches do not make money; speeches lose precious profit-making momentum.

Here are some proven ideas to craft your fundraising pitch that I taught at my "Fund A Need Intensive Seminar" last week. Inspire your guests to bid higher and donate more to you.

  1. Make a new rule. Everyone who touches the microphone must say why they love YOU. (You can even say Kathy Kingston suggested it.)

  2. Tell a 59 second inspiring first true story immediately prior to your Fund the Mission special appeal.

Go to my Blog to read the rest of the list ...ONLINE here...

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Nonprofits & Schools

Bring Kathy as your speaker for your nonprofit, school or auction association across the country.

You'll learn THE top ways to maximize your fundraising now.

Contact Kathy: 603-926-1919

For Professional Auctioneers

Consulting for Benefit Auctioneers Workshop

Create a Highly Profitable Stream of Income for
Your Benefit Auction Business with Consulting
June 22 & 23, 2014 - Scottsdale, Arizona

Limited Spaces. Register NOW:
Auctioneers - create a highly profitable income stream for your benefit auction business with consulting. In this highly interactive 2-day workshop you will practice and hone specialized skills and techniques that you need to add highly requested and profitable consulting services to nonprofits.

  1. Provide indispensable value to your clients
  2. Exponentially raise more funds
  3. Add a highly profitable income stream

Limited registration due to the individual coaching of each participant. Register Now

Beyond Bid Calling Workshop

Advance Your Fundraising Stage Performance
Raise More Money! Catapult Your Career!
December 9 & 10, 2014 Ft. Myers, Florida

Save the date: Limited Spaces.
Please contact Kathy

NEW Audio Book: Do I Hear A Million?
Benefit Auctioneering for Record Profits!

Kathy's new audio-book: It's over 3.5 hours top notch training and strategies for auctioneers who want to take their fundraising auctions to the next level.

Available NOW!

Kathy's No-Brainer Benefit Auction Encyclopedia

A perfect gift for you favorite nonprofit and school.

Put an end to the auction creation struggle - know exactly what to do, what to ask for, who to ask, and who to invite so you generate generous donations every time.

Expand your Fundraising Library now:

Mentor Programs

Learn how you can rapidly and substantially contribute to your personal and professional growth. Discover more about Kathy's NEW Private Roster Mentor Program.

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"On Saturday, I did my first benefit auction and I just need to say your training was INVALUABLE to my success that night.

I used all your messaging nuggets and was able to keep the audience focused on the mission throughout the evening. This was a big switch from years past for the client. They loved it! For me, most importantly, I was able to really critique myself and identify areas to improve because you have trained me what to look for. Next time will be even better. I walked out of the auction feeling like a million bucks!"

Liz Weatherhead, Professional Auctioneer
Kurt Johnson Auctioneering

Click here for more testimonials on my site...

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Kathy's Art: Brazillian Orchids

Brazillian Orchids
Brazillian Orchids

by Kathy Kingston © 2014 All rights reserved

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