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February 2015 | Issue No. 71

Note from Kathy

Photo by Kathy Kingston © 2015

Thawing out.

I ventured to Florida last week to conduct a fundraising auction and to enjoy relaxing outdoor adventures in Key West. From thrilling snorkeling where a turtle chomped a man-o-war, sunny beaches and a triumphant one-woman performance by swimmer Diana Nyad (see my article) it was a perfect winter getaway.

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See the guy who tried to eat my lunch on the beach, just scroll down.

Always BIDhi!

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Feature Article

The Ask Is The Only Answer:
How to Avoid the #1 Mistake in Fundraising

Courage. Tenacity of Human Spirit. A missed opportunity...

Just Ask

Last week in Key West, I had the immense honor to watch legendary long-distance swimmer, Diana Nyad perform her new one-woman show, "Onward." After 35 years and on her fifth attempt, she successfully swam from Cuba to Key West. 110 grueling miles. 51 non-stop hours. Called the Mount Everest of a long-distance swim, teaming with killer sharks and deadly venomous Box jellyfish, her feat and performance were triumphant!

Completely riveted and engaged, I have never been so glued to any account of a true story. With grace, grit, humor, science, and even song Ms. Nyad entertained and inspired a sold-out house. Diana Nyad is a heroine for us all and has my immense admiration and support.

However, during her incredible performance, my philanthropy mindset kept surfacing. How could I make a difference? I was eager to write a check on the spot!

Yet, no "ask" was made.

Read on to see the full article on my blog...

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For Nonprofits, Charities & Schools

Auctions, Galas & Fundraisers
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"Thank You!! This was well worth the trip across the country. I can’t wait to share and implement what I have learned."

~ Leslie Nalley, Board of Directors
Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Click here for more testimonials on my site...

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Kathy's Art: What's for Lunch?

"What's for Lunch?"

Watercolor by Kathy Kingston © 2015 All rights reserved

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