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April 2017 | Issue No. 94

Note from Kathy

PCNA Lion Masks
Lions and bidders...oh my! Students wearing performative masks made by undergraduate art student Kaitlyn Melson entertained guests at Pacific Northwest College of Art annual
Shine On Fundraising Auction Gala.
photo credit Mario Gallucci ©2017

In like a lion out like a lion.

Our March benefit auctions and custom fundraising seminars roared with success setting the pace for superb spring season. Across the country our fundraising auctioneer colleagues are reporting record-breaking revenues from increasingly generous donors for Live Auctions and Fund a Need special appeals. Indeed, benefit auctions are booming!

Did you know that while giving is up, your bidders are departing your auctions and fundraising events much earlier. To optimize donor engagement and fundraising, you must position your Live Auction and Fund A Need earlier than ever before. It's easy! Run your auction like a track meet. Read this month's article here for a few fast tips.

Scroll down for a flutter of spring to see my latest watercolor: Hooded Oriole Juvenile.

Always Bidhi!

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PS: To learn more in depth strategies to design your optimum fundraising timeline for your benefit auction - see A Higher Bid, Chapter 7 pages 104-123.

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Feature Article

Make Your Show Flow at Your Benefit Auction

There's a hidden contest happening inside your fundraiser event. The contestants are time, money, and the attention spans of your guests. We want money to win every time—but you must be strategic!

Make Every Minute a Revenue Minute

When you design a benefit auction event, one of the most commonly overlooked mistakes by auction and event planners is creating the wrong timeline. Instead, make every minute a revenue minute by strategically sequencing and pacing the silent auction, the live auction, and the fund-a-need special appeal. Benefit auctions have myriad event details, and getting this "show flow" right is critical to maximizing every single dollar and creating an environment that will build audience engagement for future events.

Say "Sold" During Salad

To optimize the most profitable time for fundraising, don't wait! Conduct your fundraising early in your event.  A top trend is to conduct your Live Auction and Fund A Need special appeal right away during salad. Remember, less is more, and your guests are tending to leave earlier than ever. Position your fundraising activities as early as possible. Never conduct your Live Auction and Fund a Need at the end of your event.

Continue to read full article here

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Professional Development Opportunities

For Nonprofits, Charities and Schools

Complimentary fundraising strategy session

Sign up here: KathyCall now.

2017 is your year propel your auction profit to the next level. This is why for a limited time I'm opening up another round of free fundraising strategy sessions for you.

On your call we can analyze things such as:

  • Attracting and keeping new big bidders
  • Engaging your board members to fundraiser at your auction
  • Finding fresh high profit auction items
  • Designing your best event timeline to raise funds
  • Maximizing your Live Auction and Fund A Need profits
  • And much more...

Your f*ree fundraising session is customized for you and your committee

Just sign up here:

Would you like to bring Kathy's new Fundraising Auction Seminar to your town on her book tour? It's easy, just contact Kathy - let's talk! 603-926-1919

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Benefit Auctioneer Mentor Program

Bring Your Professional Benefit Auctioneer
and Consulting Talents to the Next Level!

Auctioneers: Get ready now for your record-breaking 2017

Leverage this new economy, now is the time to invest in yourself and your business.

Contact Kathy for your free "Benefit Auction Business Success Consultation" today. 603-235-1196

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Praise for Kathy

"Working with Kathy Kingston helped us to make our Kidspire Auction the best fundraiser ever. And we feel like she helped us to ABSOLUTELY hit it out of the park!"

~Jorie Kincaid, Founder and Executive Director of Kidspire Portland Oregon, Kenya and Vietnam

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Kathy's Art: Hooded Oriole Juvenile

Hooded Oriole Juvenline

“Hooded Oriole Juvenile”

Watercolor by Kathy Kingston © 2017 All rights reserved

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