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January 2017 | Issue No. 92

Note from Kathy

Beach at Sunset
Sunset over Ocean Beach
photo credit Kathy Kingston ©2017

Snow birding a bit this January, I loved taking watercolor and Chinese brush art classes, exploring beautiful San Diego, prepping for a busy auction season and most of all not shoveling snow.

Ready for a Live Auction makeover? Read my article 7 Hidden Secrets for a Lucrative Live Auction.

I was honored to be featured on American Airlines Industry Innovator Program. This video interview revealed the incredible impact of fundraising auctions to almost 24 million people!

On a sad note, I would like to remember dear friend and fellow auctioneer, MT Vann of Springfield, Illinois. A beloved leader in her community, her brilliant voice, big heart and compassionate spirit will be greatly missed.

Scroll down to see my watercolor: Red Hooded Crane

Always Bidhi!

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Feature Article

7 Lucrative Live Auction Secrets

7 Secrets

To achieve record-breaking live auction success, you need a highly strategic perspective and months of careful pre-event design that includes a whole choreography of strategies. What you and your audience see on the live auction stage is just the tip of the iceberg.

While your live auction is an entertaining, highly profitable focal point of the entire event, adding dollars, sparkle and fun, it’s also a key opportunity to inspiring your guests to stay involved with you and become loyal donors.

Looking through the lens of my Fundraising Auction Philanthropy Model, here are seven of my favorite (and often overlooked strategies) to get those bid cards waving generously and to keep them engaged in your mission long after auction night.

1. Stand Up Front and Gain a New Perspective
Auction organizers, try this enlightening tip. During the live auction, stand up front, face your audience and see what the auctioneer sees. (Do not sit in the audience or stand in the back of the room and watch the auctioneer.) From a donor relationship standpoint, it is much more powerful—and revealing—to watch your guests. Read my article to find out why.

Continue to read full article here 

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Professional Development Opportunities

For Nonprofits, Charities and Schools

Complimentary fundraising strategy session

Sign up here: KathyCall now.

2017 is your year propel your auction profit to the next level. This is why for a limited I'm opening up another round of free fundraising strategy sessions for you.

On your call we can analyze things such as:

  • Attracting and keeping new big bidders
  • Engaging your board members to fundraise at your auction
  • Finding fresh high profit auction items
  • Designing your best event timeline to raise funds
  • Maximizing your Live Auction and Fund A Need profits
  • And much more...

Your f*ree fundraising session is customized for you and your committee
Just sign up here:

Would you like to bring Kathy’s new Fundraising Auction Seminar to your town on her book tour? It’s easy, just contact Kathy - let’s talk! 603-926-1919

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For Professional Auctioneers

Benefit Auctioneer Mentor Program

Bring Your Professional Benefit Auctioneer
and Consulting Talents to the Next Level!

Auctioneers: Get ready now for your record-breaking 2017

Leverage this new economy, now is the time to invest in yourself and your business.

Contact Kathy for your free "Benefit Auction Business Success Consultation" today. 603-235-1196

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Praise for Kathy

"Kathy spurred my imagination to engage our board of directors."

~Donna Viscone, Gala Coordinator at Christian Central Academy, Buffalo, NY

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Click here for more testimonials on my site...

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Kathy's Art: Red Hooded Crane

Red Hooded Crane

“Red Hooded Crane”

Watercolor by Kathy Kingston © 2017 All rights reserved

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