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February 2018 | Issue No. 101

Note from Kathy

Passion. Commitment
Passion. Commitment. Like You!

Don't you love the Olympics!

The heart-stopping gold medal wins for our women's ice hockey team and for our cross-country ski relay team of Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins are etched in my memory forever.

"Passion. Commitment." The incredible power of sport to bring unity and to inspire people around the world. Your passion and commitment for your nonprofit, NGO, charity and school mission is equally compelling!

Think about it. Each time you hold your benefit auction, gala and fundraiser, you too can deeply inspire your guests, donors, volunteers and potential new supporters to raise more money for a cause that impassions them.

However, could you unknowingly bore your guests and leave much needed money in the room? Read my article to discover if your benefit auction causes "bidder fatigue." 

When I heard the only rule was to have fun - I was in! So, I joined the Paint 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. To see Day 28: Lobstah Time and more, just scroll down.

Always BIDhi!

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Feature Article

Does Your Benefit Auction Cause Bidder Fatigue?

Would it surprise you to know that many fundraising auction organizers and gala committees unknowingly cause "Bidder Fatigue?" What's that? Bidder Fatigue is a fundraising plague where your beloved guests become exhausted by poor planning at fundraising auctions and events. This results in loss of dollars and donors to your organization. The symptoms are easy to spot: Loss of money. Lack of bidding. Too much talking. Walking around. Hanging out at the bar or hallway. Leaving early. What's even worse? Lack of donor retention.

What causes Bidder Fatigue? Lack of strategic planning. Wrongly placing the Live Auction and Fund a Need at the end. Too many items. Too much BS: boring speeches. Talking heads at your program. Volunteer amateur auctioneer. Inadequate sound system. Lack of focus on mission impact. Not communicating the impact of the donors generous bidding and contributions. Lack of immediate gratitude. How can you avoid the dreaded Bidder Fatigue? 

Read my article here for some tips.

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Professional Development Opportunities

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Benefit Auctioneer Mentor Program

Bring Your Professional Benefit Auctioneer
and Consulting Talents to the Next Level!

Auctioneers: Get ready now for your record-breaking 2018

Leverage this new economy, now is the time to invest in yourself and your business.

Contact Kathy for your free "Benefit Auction Business Success Consultation" today. 603-235-1196

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Praise for Kathy

"Kathy, I enjoyed learning about the neuroscience of giving and how to craft a story for Fund A Need and how to talk with donors. I canít wait to read your book A Higher Bid."

~ Janel Rogers, Auctioneer, Phoenix, Arizona

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"Kathy helped to target some specific areas where we can re-energize our event. Material was fun and interesting. Kathy was excellent — positive energy."

~Sue Carpenter, Co-Chairperson for St. Elizabeth Community Largest Annual Fundraiser for 6 years running

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Kathy's Art: Lobstah Time

Lobstah Time

"Lobstah Time"

Watercolor by Kathy Kingston © 2018 All rights reserved

Watch a short video of all of my 30 in 30 paintings... click the image!

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