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March 2018 | Issue No. 102

Note from Kathy

Peeps in Yard
Happy Easter to You and Your Peeps

Imagine driving through your town and finding hundreds of peeps? Hope you enjoy the creativity and humor of our neighbors.

Spring fundraising auction gala season is in full swing. Live Auctions and Fund a Need appeals are breaking records, according to my nonprofit clients and fellow professional benefit auctioneers. Keep up the great work!

Do your volunteers and board members need a bit of coaching and confidence to make those vital fundraising asks? Use my top techniques to "Perfect Your Pitch" in my feature article.

What’s hot right now in fundraising and auctions? Listen to my latest podcast hosted by Events With Benefits.

To see my latest watercolor, Oh, The Calla Lilies, just scroll down.

Always BIDhi!

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Feature Article

Perfect Your Pitch: How to Make A Successful Fundraising Ask

What's one of the most commonly overlooked fundraising mistakes?

Failing to ask, personally.
Failing to ask for people's help, their time, their generosity. There's so much to ask for in a fundraising auction event - attendance, items, sponsorships, volunteers, donations, new guests, higher bids, referrals, influence. I once counted and found at least 54 separate asks made in a benefit auction gala event!

So we'd better get good at it!

And, here's my top secret: You are really not "asking." Instead, you, dear fundraiser are opening a wonderful opportunity for your donors to make a difference for something that impassions THEM! What an honor.

In my article, "Perfect Your Pitch" I'll share some insights and some easy tips to ask unabashedly and confidently. To get you started, here are some of my top strategies and ideas that you and your board and volunteers can use right away.

Read my full article here for more secrets.

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A Higher Bid Book


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A Higher Bid Book: 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

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November 3, 2017
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"Kathy Kingston and her straightforward no-nonsense approach to event fundraising literally changed my life. As a seasoned development director, my implementation of her strategies and using a professional benefit auctioneer took our tired charity gala from 33K to over 167K the first year. The next year raked in over 300K. I changed my career after reading this book and have never looked back. Stop wasting your time and killing your staff with antiquated ways you "used to do it". Start raising more money with less time and effort by investing in what will bring an instant return: a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist, the right people in the seats and a carefully planned fundraising event. Let Kathy tell you how in her book."

Transform fundraising events into long-term revenue with expert auction advice
A Higher Bid is the nonprofit, school and charitable organization guide to planning and executing more exciting, more lucrative special event fundraisers. In this book, award-winning consultant, fundraiser, speaker, and professional auctioneer Kathy Kingston shares her proprietary and proven approaches to audience development, board empowerment, leadership succession, guest cultivation and engagement, and donor development.

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Questions? Ideas? Please feel free to contact Kathy Kingston or call 603-235-1196

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Professional Development Opportunities

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Benefit Auctioneer Mentor Program

Bring Your Professional Benefit Auctioneer
and Consulting Talents to the Next Level!

Auctioneers: Get ready now for your record-breaking 2018

Leverage this new economy, now is the time to invest in yourself and your business.

Contact Kathy for your free "Benefit Auction Business Success Consultation" today. 603-235-1196

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Praise for Kathy

Jorie Kincaid

"Kathy was amazing and she hit it out of the park! Kathy is so incredibly inspiring. She got donations out of our crowd that we would have never expected! And, she taught us SO many things about donor-centric language and how to get people there. AND, the people had FUN while giving! We are just thrilled with Kathy Kingston and want to be a part of her team for years to come. Thank you!"

~ Jorie Kincaid, Executive Director, Kidspire, Portland, Oregon

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"Kathy your material and content were outstanding! The greatest values for me are the people and getting know the people who attend the auction – building the relationships. I like how you encouraged us to change our paradigm. Love Your Style! Love You!!"

~Daren Shumway, Auctioneer, Call to Auction, Phoenix, Arizona

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Kathy's Art: Oh, the Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies

"Oh, the Calla Lilies"

Watercolor by Kathy Kingston © 2018 All rights reserved

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