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January 2009

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Spring 2009 Dates announced!

March 11, 2009
Nashua, NH !

April 15, 2009
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Note from Kathy

Wishing you a joyful 2009! While salsa dancing off holiday goodies in Zumba aerobics class, the Latin beat inspired my dance moves. I started thinking about what causes auction guests to really move at benefit auctions.

In this volatile economy, it's vital to move your guests by telling your story in first person. Read my article "Tell Your Story" to see how Community Connections, Inc. exceeded their goals with this refreshing approach.

Questions are coming in from all over: "Kathy, how can I have a successful auction in this challenging economy?" I sure wish I could be everyone's auctioneer so I created a way to help all of you to make more than ever even when people are telling you it is impossible: "Auction Success in a Down Economy".

All the best,

Kathy Kingston

PS: Oh, I'm excited to let you know I'm now offering my seminars in both Tulsa, Oklahoma and Nashua, New Hampshire. Hope to see you there!

Ignite Generosity!
Tell Your Story - Create the "Spirit of Giving"

In this volatile economy, it's vital to connect deeply with your auction guests so they understand exactly how much their support can mean to your cause. Remember, long boring speeches do not make money and lose precious profit-making momentum. However, one moving way is to tell a first person success story immediately before the Live Auction and again just prior to conducting your Fund A Need appeal. Here's a recent success story.

Community Connections Auction
Kathy with Jayna Altman,
Miss International 2008.

As Community Connections' auctioneer and consultant, I recommended this powerful strategy and introduced them to Jayna Altman, Miss International 2008. Jayna shared her personal story to boost support (see photo, right, of Jayna & I at this event). She had sustained profound hearing loss as a child and is now a role model and advocate for people with all types of disabilities. The mission of this agency is to offer opportunities for people with disabilities.

"Jayna really connected. She was able to eloquently talk about her personal experiences and struggles as a disabled child and woman. It was our most successful Fund A Need ever!" Donna Sabecky, President of Community Connections Inc. elatedly responded after the auction.

Want to learn more? I'll personally coach you how to design a compelling inspirational first person story at my new interactive seminar, "Auction Success in a Down Economy". Plus discover many more innovative strategies to ensure fundraising auction success.

Here are a few tips to "Tell Your Story" to inspire auction guests

  • Select an inspiring enthusiastic speaker who has a compelling first person story.
  • Write a script and stick to it.
  • LESS IS MORE. Two minutes is enough time.
  • Coach your speaker to speak from the heart.

"Connect people emotionally to your cause and they will respond generously." Kathy Kingston

Client Quote
"Kathy's seminar was absolutely fabulous! We all felt the valuable information that Kathy shared will help make our future fundraisers a success - and let's face it, we need all the help we can get in today's economy."

Diane Cummings
Executive Director
St. Luke's Eldercare Solutions of Central Connecticut

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Insights and Sometimes Rants


Choose your meal to positively impact auction profits
Did you know that serving dessert at the wrong time can cost you thousands of dollars? And buffets might be the most expensive type? Why? Because you make no money while your guests are stuck in a long buffet line. Also, buffets gobble up profits by taking up revenue-generating floor space. A sit down dinner is the best choice and will yield the most revenue. Your type of meal affects your profit and check out. I'll show you the best place to serve chocolate cake to maximize your fundraising efforts at my March 11th Seminar.

Question of the Month

"When is the best time of year to ask for auction item donations?"
Eric Valliere, Executive Director, Nashua Symphony, NH

Thanks, Eric, for that important question. Actually, right now - at the beginning of the year - is an excellent time to request donations. Especially in this economy, you'll want to position your non profit at the top of their donation list. The first of the month is important timing as many businesses have a monthly donations quota.

Most of all, always be ready to solicit auction items anywhere anytime. Keep item solicitation forms with you, in the car, briefcase, purse, and home. Go right to the manager or owner for your request. And remember, the best time to ask for an auction item is when you have just purchased something; meal, vacation, hotel, shop.

Thanks for your great question Eric. I'd love to answer your question, just email me at kathy@kingstonauction.com.

WATCH Kathy Kingston In A NH Chronicle TV Interview

Kathy is featured in a NH Chronicle TV interview! Click this link to watch her interview online.

Who We Are
We are award-winning auctioneers, providing cutting-edge consulting and innovative training for both non-profits and auctioneers. A national leader in fundraising auctions, Kingston Auction Company has raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations throughout New England and across the country for over 22 years. The company founder and president is Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS. Come to us to make your next benefit fundraising auction a record-breaker.

Our affiliations include...

NAA Auctioneer
National Auctioneers Association promotes professionalism of auctioneers and auctions through education and technology.

CAI AuctioneerCertified Auctioneers Institute is the most prestigious designation awarded in the industry - only three percent of auctioneers nationwide hold the CAI designation.

BAS Benefit Auctioneer SpecialistBenefit Auctioneer Specialist designation provides auctioneers with unique skills and strategies to conduct, plan and market fundraising auctions.

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