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November 2010 | Issue No. 23

Note From Kathy

Warm wishes of abundance to you and your loved ones.

Enjoy our new website, newsletter and blog. I'm excited to offer you valuable
resources, consulting and classes to maximize your auction fundraising.

I'm grateful for your insightful feedback. Learn how your input has turbo-charged auctioneer training to help you raise more money!

Here's a Thanksgiving gift-my new watercolor: "Over the River..."(scroll down)

Always BIDhi!

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Feature Article

What do Nonprofits really want from Auctioneers
to raise more money?

Kathy at Norwalk

Kathy thanks the crescendo of generous guests at the Norwalk Hospital Gala Fund a Need.

As an auctioneer who specializes in the nonprofit sector, this question was vitally important to me. Therefore, I undertook a research study.*

I found seven significant benefit auctioneer competencies for fundraising success.

The #1 response was resounding.  "Auctioneers: Focus on Our Mission!"

Why? It's just not enough to sell exotic trips and fancy dinners anymore. Now more than ever, benefit auctioneers must instill in auction guests the message that their generous support is vitally needed to achieve the mission of the nonprofit. (This tip alone will inspire bid waving!)

Here are some suggestions to share with your Auctioneer:

  • First, meet with your auctioneer months before the auction
  • Tell success stories to demonstrate your amazing impact
  • Ask your Auctioneer to be "The Ambassador of Your Cause"
  • Give written materials and website to study
  • Ask them to visit with donors during the Silent Auction
  • Expect your auctioneer to make an inspiring fundraising ask
  • Write motivational bullets to incorporate during Live Auctions
  • Thank bidders, donors and supporters throughout the event

Leverage these "mission-messaging" skills to inspire generosity and harness all of these dynamic auctioneer competencies to skyrocket your fundraising in any economy.

7 Ways Benefit Auctioneers Can Raise More Money

  1. Be an "Ambassador" to Champion Your Nonprofit Cause
  2. Offer Consulting and Pre-Auction Planning
  3. Generate Momentum and Excitement
  4. Polish Your Professionalism
  5. Engage and Match Your Audience
  6. Understand Fundraising and Nonprofits
  7. Be Adept in Fund-a-Need and Interactive Revenue Activities

Your powerful feedback is making a difference!

I was honored to present your ideas and the research results at the National Auctioneers Association Benefit Auctioneer Summit** (see pdf article) to top charity auctioneers in North America. Many asked me for more in-depth training, so I created an innovative Advanced Fundraising Auctioneer Workshop: Beyond Bid Calling™ on December 13 & 14 in Dallas. Thank you for your support!

* Using qualitative research methods, I analyzed over five years of data from nonprofits, benefit auction clients and seminar participants who answered this question. "What do you want your Auctioneer to do to help you raise more money?"

What's your best suggestion? Send me an email with your ideas to

**This article was first published in Auctioneer, the official publication of the National Auctioneers Association.

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Kathy's Watercolors


"Over the River and Through the Woods..."
Watercolor by Kathy Kingston © 2010 All rights reserved.

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"Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action." ~W.J. Cameron

Thank you so much for your dedicated action and passionate commitment to vital nonprofit causes every day! I am grateful for opportunity to serve your wonderful work. ~ Kathy Kingston

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"You are an incredible powerhouse of an auctioneer/teacher/organizer! I learned so much. At today's auction seminar I realized that organizing an auction is really like choreographing a complicated dance, one with hundreds of moving parts. Kathy walked us through the process of figuring out what the parts are and how to put them all together, so that they not only produce a good night's profit, but in the long run, create for the participants a sense of community and an understanding of the importance of giving. It's not just a one-night event — it's an important (and fun!) building block in an organization's diverse, multi-level fundraising plan."

Vicki Gabriner, Boston Workmen's Circle

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Who We Are

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We are award-winning auctioneers, providing cutting-edge consulting and innovative training for both non-profits and auctioneers. A national leader in fundraising auctions, Kingston Auction Company has raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations throughout New England and across the country for over 24 years. The company founder and president is Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS. Come to us to make your next benefit fundraising auction a record-breaker.

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BAS Benefit Auctioneer SpecialistBenefit Auctioneer Specialist designation provides auctioneers with unique skills and strategies to conduct, plan and market fundraising auctions.

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