Kingston Auction Services

We are fundraising auction experts, who work exclusively with associations, charities and other not-for-profits!

kathy-consultingWe work with you and your team to not only make your next auction your most profitable ever, but to lay the groundwork and establish a culture for further groundbreaking philanthropy. We have many, many years of repeat customers, and have received numerous industry accolades and awards.

What this all means to you goes well beyond bid calling. Kathy Kingston personally works with you to make sure your auction is not only profitable, but empowering. Inspired, not tired.

We know the secrets to record-breaking benefit auctions in any economy.

Kingston’s consultative approach makes a huge difference as measured by hard numbers – increasing revenue and profit for the evening – and a loyal client following.

“A Celebration of Radical Kindness was a great success in large part because the auction was such a show stopper! Your stage presence really motivated the audience to an unprecedented level of auction giving and we can certainly say without a doubt that your participation elevated the event to a new level of success.”

Liz Page, Principal

Liz Page Associates

Services Include:

Fees and Scheduling

A hallmark of retaining Kathy Kingston and her team of outstanding professional auctioneers is a customized and personalized approach to maximize your fundraising, excitement and guest enjoyment for record-breaking success.

Compensation is based on your individual needs and the scope of your fundraising and auction. Bookings can be made up to 18 months in advance. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to ensure your preferred auction date. Contact us for more information.

Other Services

Sales of Leading Charity Auction Software

Easily manage all aspects of your auction from start to finish including managing all contacts (i.e., guests, donors, volunteers), catalogue preparation, tax receipt and report generation, and a night-of-the-auction module.

Auction-Tracker is easy to use and allows auction clients a very effective and efficient way to keep their fundraising auction on track and running smoothly and efficiently from beginning to end. Decrease burn out and inefficiency! Join the thousands of organizations in the United States, Australia, and Canada who use Tracker-Series applications to make their events run smoothly and profitably.

Contact Kathy for more information.