Kingston Professional Auctioneers

Imagine raising record profits in this economy.

We create inspiration, skill and excitement that keeps bid cards waving.

Kingston Auctioneers specialize in raising profits at charity, nonprofit, school and benefit auctions for breakthrough results, especially in these challenging times.

In this challenging economy, being an auctioneer demands fundraising competencies far beyond selling live auction items. While some may think that anyone with a strong voice and a sense of humor can lead an auction, development professionals know that a professional auctioneer who specializes in fundraising makes a huge difference to the success and tempo of the evening.

Our dedicated and highly trained professional auctioneers will serve as your “Ambassadors” for your entire fundraising event. As experts in performing the inspiring Fund a Need Appeal, which often raises even more than your Live Auction.

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Kingston auctioneers can read the audience, initiate a healthy competitive spirit, and move the bids along for maximum value. By setting a fast pace and using a quick wit, we create an entertaining, successful evening that takes the risk out of fundraising for record breaking results.

Our annual auction raised more money than any previous auction with the talent of Kathy Kingston. She was able to engage the audience in such a positive fun way. We are already looking forward to next year’s auction!”

Dorene Glynn, Development Director

Shelter, Inc., Cambridge, MA

Whether we are conducting your Live Auction, promoting and closing your Silent Auctions, making announcements about exciting additional revenue activities, or training your live auction volunteers, our specialized expertise creates new revenue streams and increases guest loyalty to strengthen long term giving.

Engaging your audience to new heights of bidding and revenue generation.

Guests contribute more when they are enjoying themselves. To keep your event fresh and lively, our professional benefit auctioneers are known for their flair in conducting interactive revenue producing activities such as Heads and Tails, Lucky Dip, Balloon Auctions, Auction Chicken, Lightning Rounds and much more.

Kingston Benefit Auctioneers know the best live auction items and silent auction items and just how maximize your revenue and excitement. However, more than just selling auction items, Kingston Auctioneers promote your cause and engage your audience in a style that is entertaining, positive and profitable.

“Kathy, that was the most beautifully orchestrated auction I’ve ever seen!! Huge kudos to you – I’ve never seen one done better. You are my hero!”

Joan Parker, Philanthropist & Author, Massachusetts

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Professional Auctioneer Bid Assistants

A high level of revenue expectations, peak turnout, as well as the attendance of major donors and guests, provide compelling reasons to utilize professional auctioneer bid assistants.

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In many cases, professional auctioneer bid spotters are vital to the success of your auction and gala. During the Live Auction and Fund a Need Appeal they communicate with you guests, spot bids, work in the audience and generate excitement and philanthropic bidding.

Kingston Auction Company provides highly trained professional auctioneer bid spotters to enhance nonprofit auction fundraising for breakthrough results.

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“The Kingston Auction team is our first choice in auction professionals! Last year your unique combination of warmth and professionalism spurred our auction to new heights, bringing in 29% more net revenue than our prior year, exceeding all expectations.”

Caroline Boyd, President & CEO

Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire