Blow fundraising targets out of the water!

  • Want to take your benefit auction to the next level?
  • Need help planning a charity auction as a first-timer?
  • Want to learn how to solicit premium live and silent auction items?
  • Already have your auctioneer, but need strategic support?
  • Wish you knew the experts’ secrets to auction success?

“Kathy transforms wishful thinking into success, is exceedingly generous with her time and connections in the process, and in the end the donors, volunteers and staff are proud of what they achieved to advance their mission. Kathy’s integrity, professionalism, and energy make her exceptional and indispensable.”

James M. Schaffer,

Chief Development Officer, Domus

Kathy Kingston has more than 20 years of experience in organizing, planning and producing hugely successful live and silent auctions and raised millions of dollars across the country. Even better than the auction results has been Kingston Auction’s impact as a catalyst for long-term fundraising. Whether you’re brand new to auctions or are just looking for help in driving up profits, Kathy will teach you the best tips and tricks to ensure your fundraising event is a huge success!

As a consultant, auction strategist and professional auctioneer, Kathy learned that the secret to an outstanding auction is creating a warm, engaging environment, along with disciplined up-front planning will yield outstanding results.

If you are looking to take the risk out of fundraising, Kingston Auction is the strategic partner of choice. Contact Us Now!

With Kathy’s consulting help you will learn:

  • What items work best for auction sales … and which ones don’t
  • How to motivate and engage your audience to inspire their generosity
  • Innovative techniques to market and promote your event
  • Ways to continue to generate revenue even after the auction is over

Effective auctioneering is way more than fast-talking and gavel slamming.

Not only is Kathy an expert auctioneer, her extensive background in fundraising, marketing and non profits will provide you with sure-fire techniques to make sure your fundraising event is packed full of people who support your cause and are ready to prove it with their wallets.

Kathy will work with you and your team to develop a unique, customized plan specifically for your organization. Bring Kathy’s extensive experience and energy to your Auction Committee for breakthrough results.

Kathy’s services include:

  • Custom fundraising action plan
  • Auction item procurement techniques
  • Audience development strategies
  • Budget planning and organization
  • Marketing and promotional support
  • Staff management assistance

… and so much more!

Together, you and Kathy will develop an ideal auction strategy that reflects your goals and objectives. With the Kingston Difference, you’ll learn how to get the right people in the room to boost auction revenue, and develop a workable budget to minimize expenses while maximizing your return.

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Non Profit Consulting

  • An Initial Evaluation: What has the organization done historically? What are its goals going forward?  What is the best way to get there?  Kathy shows you how your auction data is a goldmine. By answering these question s, Ms. Kingston helps her clients articulate objectives and begin the design of a fundraising auction plan.
  • Auction Item Procurement Techniques: What auction items sell best? How do you solicit great Live Auction and Silent Auction items. Critical to a successful action is making sure that “high-yield” items exist to create a flurry of activity. For Silent and Live Auctions, Kathy Kingston will assess an organization’s listing of auction items, suggest which items typically yield better value, show how an organization’s circle of influence can improve an auction, as well as offer several exclusive “high-yield” consignment items to help boost auction revenue.

  • Audience Development Strategies: Getting the right people in the room and understanding their interests is paramount to ensuring fundraising success. Even when you know who’s coming, how can you be sure they’ll bid?  Kathy will share her proven methods to help understand the audience’s interests as well as teach you innovative techniques to ensure pre-auction promotion and inspirational engagement for a higher level of guest engagement and generosity.
  • Budget Assessment: Executing a successful auction, requires developing of a realistic budget and adjusting the auction plan as needed based on organizational constraints. Kathy will help you assess your budget and make recommendations that will help you minimize your expenses and maximize your revenue.

“Once again Kathy’s Auction Seminar was superb! This year was my 14th Annual Auction, however I still learned a great deal and got many good ideas. Thank you!”

-Joan Redden, President/CEO,

Milford Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Marketing and Promotional Support: The right people need to be in the room for a successful auction.  Kathy works with each client personally to show you how integrate your cause into every aspect  of your auction fundraiser. From the save-the-date card to auction catalog, Kingston’s extensive background in marketing and promoting all types of revenue generating events will help you create a signature event.
  • Comprehensive Volunteer Training: From Board of Directors to Day-of-Auction Volunteers, Kathy’s expansive experience in volunteer management prepares nonprofits to produce and expand a thriving auction event. Focus areas include volunteer recruitment, training, recognition plus all of the varied volunteer duties of silent and live auctions
  • Logistics Support: Whether it is operational assistance, sound and lighting specifications, back-office support, or doing a site assessment, or even making adjustments ‘on the fly’, Ms. Kingston works with clients to ensure that pre-auction planning is in place and that the operation and systems are sound.

Click here to schedule your FREE initial assessment. Find out how Kathy can help you produce your best fundraising auction ever!