Auctioneer Workshops

Our mission is to bring greater value to our clients. In her highly interactive and entertaining style, Kathy empowers clients to use proven strategies, get organized, avoid major pitfalls, execute your customized plan, raise record amounts and enjoy in the satisfaction of a job well done. Kathy will personally show you what really works! You’ll receive the exact tools to raise more money, increase awareness and build excitement and to add methods to increase fundraising, add new revenue streams, position cultivation strategies into your fundraising auction event.

“I have never been so mesmerized by any public speaker who could hold my attention for over 7 hours — Kathy never stopped and her energy level never waived.”

-Liz Crowley

Ludlow Streetscapes, Vermont

Custom Workshops

Whether in person, via tele-seminar or on-line, Ms. Kingston can design a program that creatively and powerfully addresses your organization’s challenges for breakthrough results.

Upcoming Workshops:

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