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Best Benefit Auction Tips by Kathy Kingston

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Fundraising seminar participant, Keeva Young-Wright shares how she learned to ask for funds at Kathy Kingston’s special event workshop. Keeva Young-Wright, Development Director at Westchester Land Trust, NY.

Cure 3 Monstrously Overlooked Auction Fundraiser Challenges Now

How do you inspire and keep the attention of your bidders and donors at your fundraising auctions so bid cards keep waving and maximum dollars are raised?

Tip number one (don’t laugh!) is to make sure everyone is seated. Sit-down dinners are better suited for fundraising events than buffets. With the sit-down meal, everyone has a seat and is in it.  My Kingstonism: “Ban Buffets at Benefit Auctions!” , Think about this. During a buffet, your guests are backed up staring down at steamer trays of food– exactly at the time when they should be focused and attentive. This is the optimum time to conduct your fundraising auction and funded need.  When everyone is seated, no one will miss the riveting testimonials you’ll provide, and this will ensure that your guests connect emotionally and understand the transformation you’re making with your clients and the community.


Kathy coaches Art McLean, Boys and Girls Club of Derry, NH on his “WWH” – Learn how to inspire your guests in my article.

My second tip to make sure everyone is understands WWH—“Why We’re Here.”
One of the most overlooked and powerful methods to raise funds at an auction or a special event is to effectively guide the remarks made by each person during your speaking program. A simple prompt is an effective lead in: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve come to one of the most important parts of the evening. ” Now, the ‘WWH’ is not a speech; I’m talking about no more than two minutes of inspiring, compelling remarks that showcase your great organization. You want every single person on the edge of his or her seat and to really understanding your cause, how the work you do transforms lives, and how they can support you.  Intrigued?  Join me for my new workshop:

The third tip is that you must have a professional “fund raising auction quality” sound system in the areas you conduct both the live and silent auctions. In order for everyone in the room to feel inspired to give at a meaningful level, it’s imperative that everyone is able to clearly hear. If attendees cannot hear, they simply will not buy and worse yet, they will just talk over the speaker and auctioneer. So make easy for your guests to hear and to understand so they feel comfortable to generously give at a level that is meaningful to them.

Ready to put these tips and more into profitable auction action?  Join me for my new workshop where I’ll work with you to fine tune your two-minute story and to create the most profitable Fund a Need ever for breakthrough benefit auction results.

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